Message From Lovina Eicher After Losing Son-in-Law In Car Accident (Updated)

A reader brought the following to my attention and I wanted to pass it along to you. I hate to be covering so many accidents involving our Amish neighbors lately, but that just seems to be the unfortunate case right now.

This was not a buggy accident, but a car accident due to which Amish Kitchen columnist Lovina Eicher’s son-in-law, and his driver, lost their lives:

Lovina Eicher’s son-in-law Mose was injured in a car accident on Wednesday, Dec. 9. His injuries were severe, and he passed away the morning of Dec. 14.

Lovina asks readers to hold Susan and children Jennifer, age 2, and Ryan, age 1, in prayer. She writes, “Susan is a widow at age 24 but she says her years of marriage to Mose were the most wonderful years of her life. They were married four years in August.”

On the evening of the accident Lovina wrote: “… Susan and the children are staying with us… Our sympathy goes out to the family of Mose’s driver, Dan, who was killed instantly in the accident. Dan’s son drives my son Benjamin to work every day. Daughter Loretta’s boyfriend Dustin was Dan’s group leader at work. Dan was a great man to all who knew him. Let’s keep his family in our prayers as well. I haven’t heard how the girl is from the other car in this accident, but we want to lift her and her family up in our prayers too.”

Because of these events, this week’s column contains favorite recipes culled from two of Lovina’s cookbooks, “Lovina’s Amish Kitchen” and “Amish Family Recipes.” Please remember Susan, children Jennifer and Ryan, and the larger family in prayer at this time.

That’s from Lovina’s latest column, which is understandably abbreviated this week.

Update: A new column has been published, written by “a close friend of Lovina Eicher’s family”. An excerpt:

I had the opportunity to visit with the Eichers yesterday and they shared some sweet memories of Mose with me. Susan and Mose were married for four years and had dated for four-and-a-half years before that. They have two children, Jenny who will be 3 in January and Ryan who is 17 months. Susan told me she is feels blessed to have had Mose for all the years they had together and wouldn’t change a thing. She is grateful to have the children and will share many memories of him with them as they grow up.

Mose was a kind, generous and hard-working man. He recently took on a large house remodel project which he nearly completed. He was particularly good at fixing engines and at 10 years old he took his first engine apart. While that project did not result in a running engine it did start him down a path of many successful engine repairs. Mose was a happy, good-natured person who some might describe as quiet, but those who knew him well could tell you that he loved to talk about his family and would jump at the opportunity to have a conversation about hunting or fishing.

Mose was a man of faith and he and Susan loved reading the Bible together on Sundays. Susan said if there was something she didn’t understand he would take the time to explain what it meant. She said they always prayed together in the morning. If they had a particularly busy morning and they missed their prayer time together they would both promise to pray separately. Mose made teaching his faith to his children a priority and would often talk to the children about Jesus. The family draws great comfort knowing that he is with Jesus and that they will see him again someday.

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    1. Bette C O'Connor

      Deepest sympathy

      Our deepest sympathy goes out to Susan and the children. We extend our prayers to her as well as Susan and Mose’s family. May Mose rest in our Lord’s arms. We are praying and will continue to pray for all of you. Sincerely Bette, -Carole and Bill O’Connor.

    2. Sharon Gerstman

      Prayers for Susan and family

      Praying for Susan and her children and family. Such a tragic accident and leaving Susan a widow so young.
      Sincerely, Sharon Gerstman

    3. Rita Reinard


      I am praying for Susan and her 2 children on the loss of their husband and father.I am thankful Susan lives close to her mother and father for support at this time of sorrow

    4. CHRISTINE Greenberg


      To the whole Eicher family,

      I just found out about the passing of Mose. I am in shock.

      Heartfelt condolences to Susan and the children.