Lovina Eicher Answers Your Questions (Essential Amish Cookbook Giveaway)

Lovina Eicher answers your questions in today’s post. Lovina is the author of The Essential Amish Cookbook and the Lovina’s Amish Kitchen column.

To enter to win a copy of The Essential Amish Cookbook, just leave a comment on this post.

I’ll draw a random winner and post it next week.

Lovina apologizes for not being able to get to all the questions (life as an Amish mom is busy!) but thanks to everyone who submitted one. I added some of my own questions at the end. I hope you enjoy.

Lovina Eicher Answers Your Questions

Michael Sparks: When it comes to cooking, what season do you enjoy cooking the most and why?

Lovina Eicher: I like summertime cooking best. It’s easier and cheaper, because there’s the garden to go to for a lot of ingredients.

Erin: Maybe Lovina has already answered this, but I’d like to hear more about cooking for a big group.

Lovina: The ladies in our church help each other with baking when we host church services. For weddings, we have recipes that we share with each other. Working together makes things much easier.

AJ: I wonder if calf liver with onions in gravy is a traditional Amish food? What about stuffed pig belly? What about goose or duck?

Lovina: Beef liver and onions are eaten by a lot of Amish families, but I am not sure whether that dish would be called “traditional.” Personally, I don’t care for liver and onions at all, so my family doesn’t get them too often! My children agree with me, but my husband does like it.

Pat M: We live around the Arthur/Arcola Illinois area. We’ve purchased numerous baked goods over the years from Amish bakers and have noticed they all seem to be stingy with spices. For example cinnamon anything; i.e. rolls… hardly ever have much cinnamon in them; especially compared to how most of we English prepare them. Do the foods Amish make for sale to the public often differ from what they make for themselves at home?

Lovina: Not in our area. We cook and bake just the same at home as we do for things we sell. Some cooks are just better at it than others. I love cinnamon and vanilla, and I will put extra in my foods sometimes. Maybe it’s just that community.

Carol J: I have always wondered HOW the Amish gals and children can get their feet clean, after going barefoot, most of the time?

Lovina: I grew up being barefooted most of the summer when a young girl at home. Now I’m sold on Crocs, and due to fallen arches, I can’t go barefooted for long anymore. As far as cleaning feet—hot water and soap go a long way!

TiaB: I’d be interested in knowing what an average two week meal “diary” looks like at Lovina’s house.

Lovina: Never the same and too much time to write out—sorry! Check out my cookbook.

Mary Turner: I have noticed that the Amish recipes use lots of onions, I can’t eat onions, will the recipes be ok without them?

Lovina: You could use onion salt or some other similar seasoning. Another idea would be to leave an onion whole in soups and take it out before serving.

Additional Questions

Which dish(es) are your family’s favorites?

Lovina: Hard question—we have lots of favorites. Favorite breakfast: eggs, fried potatoes, bacon and toast. Other meals: meat—beef, pork, chicken, fish—we love it all. Fresh veggies out of the garden, various soups and casseroles. We like a variety, so it’s hard to choose a favorite. And each family member has a different favorite!

What was the hardest part about doing this book?

Lovina: 1) Time—there is just so much extra time with raising a family. 2) Meeting deadlines.

What was the best part about doing this book?

Lovina: When it finally went to press. 😊

Which is your favorite dish to make? Least favorite?

Lovina: My favorite thing to make is bread or rolls. My least favorite would be something I don’t like to eat, such as sweet potato casserole.

How do you write your column?

Lovina: I write my column with pen and paper. Some columns I can write in 15 minutes while others I need to just get away from everything so that I can think. I write every Wednesday or Thursday.

What are some interesting things you have heard from readers of your column over the years?

Lovina: A lot tell me they consider us like friends or family due to “hearing” from us every week. Reader mail has held lots of encouragement for me!

Here’s more on The Essential Amish Cookbook. You can find the book via several retailers at this link.

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    1. Ice cream recipe

      Lovina, I was wondering if you would have any recipes for homemade Amish ice cream? The kind you had to cook first, then cool before putting in the ice cream maker. The cook book I had from Wines burg, OH finally fell apart and I can’t seem to find another with such recipes. Bless you for your efforts.

    2. Terry Berger

      Hello from Pennsylvania

      I’m a woodstove cook a good portion of the year and would enjoy a new cookbook to add some new recipes to try. (I understand the book is not specifically for cook on a woodstove, it would still make a nice addition.) Mach’s guut Lovina, schoff net zu hardt!!

    3. Barbara Prisinzano

      Hi I was wondering if you have a recipe for Grape concord pie ?? I recived a recipe from a Amish lady some time back from Cheerie Creek in Broton NY I’ve missed place this recipe an the lady has sence passed away ” I would be very great full if I could get one from you ?

    4. Stephanie H.

      Since I love to cook and bake, this cookbook would be a wonderful addition to my kitchen. I know my family will enjoy the recipes, as much as, me making them.

    5. Beth and Larry Baxter

      Most common spices used

      What are the most common spices that you use?

    6. Ginny Schaal

      Marvelous Muffin Ideas

      I am finding more time to bake and am looking for different muffin recipes to try. Do you have any Amish favorites?

    7. Juanita Cook

      Would love to learn how to cook moe like the Amish.

    8. Sharon French


      I love to cook PA DUTCH, which has a lot of similar flair as the Amish way. Keep those recipes coming, love to try new things!

    9. John F Hampton

      Amish family decendant

      My dad was born in Cross Fork PA and from a large Amish family. A notation in his family bible shows Amish ancestors dating back to 1709. I have always enjoyed my childhood meals and would appreciate any recipe of old cooking. I am the last of my dad’s family and really desire to pass his family tradition to my grandchildren.

    10. Dianne Casey

      Cookbook Giveaway

      Would enjoy having a cookbook of Amish recipes. Would like to cook the comfort foods that the Amish are known for. Thanks for the chance.

    11. Elizabeth Butler

      entry on give away

      I love reading about the Amish and the way of life and I like it because it is so simple of a life .I also like all your cookbooks and sometimes I wonder what it would be like to be Amish.

    12. Molly Leonard

      Looks great!

      I am really looking forward to this!

    13. Ann Rose

      Love Amish recipes

      My husband loves to cook and I love to bake. This cookbook would be great.

    14. Cookbook

      would be thrilled to win this cookbook. Love to cook and am so fascinated by the Amish lifestyle and their traditions, cooking methods, etc.

    15. Judy Klein

      amish potato salad

      We bought some at the store. I wonder if it’s really an amish recipe? I could taste the vinegar. Reminded me of german food.

    16. Donna owens

      Love lovina

      Loved her interview

    17. Donna owens

      Love lovina

      Sounds lIke really good cookbook I wondered what fresh spices or herbs does she like ?

    18. Steph

      This book looks so unique I would love to try to
      Cook from it

    19. Liz Green

      This is a first of hearing about you….that you have a cookbook, blog etc. I love my childhood memories of visiting PA and buying food from the Amish.

    20. Joni Horne


      Would love the privilege to be entered to win the Cookbook! Thank you so much!


      Food Restrictions

      Is there any food the Amish cannot eat?

    22. I love Amish cookbooks, it helps when you don’t know how to cook that good.

    23. Melissa Ellison

      Awesome giveaway

      When I read a Amish book, I’m always amazed at the cooking they do, I don’t know how they do it. Plus all the hard work, would love trying recipes from the cookbook.

    24. Margarita Cordero

      The cookbook

      As I am reading all the Amish love stories I can find, I would like to have recipes for all the good dishes I read about in the stories.

    25. Carol Neff

      Cookbook giveaway

      Would love to have a copy of these awesome recipes!

    26. B Heil

      Funny Cake

      Does your cookbook have a recipe for Funny Cake? I grew up on it and miss my mother’s. Thanks! B

    27. Cookbook

      I love to read about the Amish. They seam to have such a peaceful life. I would love to win your cookbook. Thanks

    28. Cookbook

      This cookbook sounds divine. I really would like to try some of these recipes. As a child I remember traveling to Pennsylvania in the summer.We stopped at farmers markets to sample delicious foods. This contest gives the opportunity to try a taste of Amish home cooking.

    29. Cookbook

      Hi Lovina. I live in east central Wisconsin,have some Amish familes that live around here. In fact recently,they had annual Haystack dinner benefit! That bakery!Yummy! I have
      some Amish cookbooks from around Wisconsin,would love to include yours!! Interesting post!

    30. Patti Bravard

      Recipe Creation

      Do you enjoy ‘creating’ new recipes or do you pretty much use those passed down from family and given by friends? Also, if you do ‘create’ do you get into any other ethnic styles??

    31. Lisa Callanan

      Cookbook Giveaway

      I have such love and respect for the Amish and the way they live; it would be a blessing to win your cookbook!!

    32. Sue Stokes


      this cookbook sounds awesome and would make a great addition to my collection.

      One of my favorite things to do is visit Lancaster County Amish country. We try to stay away from the more commercial aspects of the area and like to tour the back roads and see all the farms and neat homesteads. It inspires me!

    33. Renee Farmer

      Looks great

      I would love to learn more about cooking and baking the Amish way.

    34. Lisa philpot

      Love cooking

      I love to cook and I have collected quit a few Amish cookbooks. Spending time in the kitchen is my happy place.

      Recently my husband has been diagnosed with diabetes and I wish advanced MS. Weve both been told to lose weight.Is it possible to cook Amish yet still be low carb?

    35. Pennsylvania Amish

      Coming from a Pennsylvania Dutch background (but not Amish), I grew up with the delicious food. However, my aunt who raised me, didn’t usually write her recipes down, so this cookbook would be great in recreating those wonderful dishes. By the way, Lovina, have you ever visited our local Amish community in Indiana county, PA?

    36. Peggy Collis

      Lemon Meringue Pie

      I hope that your cookbook has a recipe for lemon meringue pie. I’m from Appalachia and my mama used to make the best lemon meringue pie in this world. I have tried several recipes but never found one that tasted like mama’s, and said to say mama passed away several years ago and all the recipes that I had burned in my home in 1995

    37. Desert

      What is one of your Favorite Desert Recipe. I collect cookbooks and would love to get an Amish cookbook.

    38. Barbara Amos

      Hog Head Cheese

      How do you make Head cheese?

    39. Brenda Higgins

      Thank you

      I love your blog and thank you for sharing so much insight into the Amish life.

    40. Win a cookbook

      I love the Amish and read everything I can about them. Just love your peaceful, quiet, and simple life. I love to cook and bake and do have several Amish cookbooks. I would love to add your cookbook o my collection.
      Thank you and God bless!❤️

    41. Win a cookbook

      I love the Amish and read everything I can about them. Just love your peaceful, quiet, and simple life. I would love to add your cookbook o my collection.
      Thank you and God bless!❤️

    42. Win a cookbook

      I love the Amish and read everything I can about them, your peaceful, quiet, and simple life. I would love to add your cookbook to my collection.
      Thank you and God bless!❤️

    43. Giveaway

      I love cookbooks and this looks like a great cookbook!! Thank you!

    44. Terry Burk

      A Blessing

      Hi Lovina,

      I am not Amish, but growing up in the Arthur, Illinois area has resulted in a special affinity to the Amish. My faith has carried me to this point. I have purchased all of your cookbooks with great success with trying each recipe. So it would be a true blessing to win a copy of this one. In all honesty, if I don’t win one, I will make every effort to purchase one. Thank you again for sharing the Amish way, and sharing your life with us all.


    45. Elizabeth Butler

      About giveaway

      Hi my name is Elizabeth Butler and I just wanted to say that I like to read all of your cookbooks out there and I also am very interested in the amish I would like to learn more.Thank you and God Bless

    46. Angela Dunaway

      What a treat!!

      I totally enjoy reading Amish America. I’m unable to travel or I would love visiting different Amish communities. Winning the cookbook would help me learn more about the food and culture that has become very dear to my heart.

    47. Anne Freeman

      Amish Cookbooks

      Hello. This cookbook giveaway is AWESOME! I am from Mississippi.

    48. Bill Theroux

      Love Amish cooking.

      I have lived in Lancaster County for five years. The people are wonderful and I love the food.

    49. Barbara Amos

      Headcheese from scratch

      I want to know how to make head cheese from scratch and also lye soap for laundry. I lived with my grandparents until 10 then my parents took me from Amish life to Florida. I was going back to Ohio when I turned 16 but grandmother passed. I never experienced Rumspringer and now I’m 67 a little too old. Lol

    50. Jan Hvizdos

      How are you?

      Hello Lovina,
      How are you and your family doing during this pandemic? I hope and pray that the Amish communities are safe from it and everyone remains healthy. God bless everyone with a beautiful Christmas and New Year.