JAPAS Spring 2015 Issue Now Available

The latest issue of the Journal of Amish and Plain Anabaptist Studies was recently released. The way this academic journal works is simple: all content is available for free online (there is also an option to order a print copy if you like).

japas-logoStarted in 2013, this is the fifth issue of the biannual journal (read an interview with one of the editors, Cory Anderson, here).

Topic matter in the past has covered subjects as diverse as Amish songbooks, injuries in Old Order communities, Amish wealth distribution, and Plain communities in Kentucky.

This latest issue has a focus on Plain education. Articles include a look at the meaning of the Wisconsin v. Yoder decision to Amish today, and on the functions of education in Old Order Mennonite and Hutterite communities.

In addition to education articles, there are pieces on the Amish population doubling time, as well as a symposium review, by three Amish people, of Unser Leit, a recent extensive history of the Amish.

You can find the JAPAS Spring 2015 issue in full here.

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    1. Al in Ky

      Thanks for the article about the most recent issue of JAPAS and the link to it. I read the article about Unser Leit and found it interesting, especially the comments from Christopher Petrovich. I hadn’t read anything written by him in several years. He was a Budget scribe from Indiana before he moved to Virginia a few years ago.

    2. Jess


      This sounds like an interesting read. Thanks so much for sharing!!