Janneken Smucker‘s new book, Amish Quilts: Crafting an American Icon, is now available.

We’ll be having a Q-and-A with Janneken and giving away a copy soon. You’ll be able to enter to win in the usual way, by leaving a comment on the contest post.

But for an extra entry today, you can suggest a question for Janneken about Amish quilts. We’ll choose some of the best questions for Janneken to answer.

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About the Book

To give you an idea of what Amish Quilts covers, here’s an excerpt of its description:

Amish Quilts Janneken SmuckerIn this in-depth study, illustrated with more than 100 stunning color photographs, Janneken Smucker discusses what makes an Amish quilt Amish. She examines the value of quilts to those who have made, bought, sold, exhibited, and preserved them and how that value changes as a quilt travels from Amish hands to marketplace to consumers.

A fifth-generation Mennonite quiltmaker herself, Smucker traces the history of Amish quilts from their use in the late nineteenth century to their sale in the lucrative business practices of today. Through her own observations as well as oral histories, newspaper accounts, ephemera, and other archival sources, she seeks to understand how the term “Amish” became a style and what it means to both quiltmakers and consumers. She also looks at how quilts influence fashion and raises issues of authenticity of quilts in the marketplace.

I am just starting to read my copy, but I can already give two thumbs up to the book’s cover, which Janneken quilted herself (did you notice the thread?).

You can buy the book at a number of venues including Johns Hopkins, which offers a 25% discount with promo code NAF.

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