April 2014 Issue of JAPAS Now Available

The third issue (Volume 2, Issue 1) of the Journal of Amish and Plain Anabaptist Studies has just been released.

As its name suggests, JAPAS features scholarly articles on subjects related to Old Order Amish, Mennonites, and other Plain Anabaptists.  As an open source journal, all content is viewable for free online.

JAPAS LogoThe latest from JAPAS covers topics including:

  • Tech “workarounds” in northern Indiana
  • Wealth distribution among Holmes County Amish
  • Buggy crash causes
  • The Amish “brand” in Lancaster County

There are also two book reviews, of Valerie Weaver-Zercher’s Thrill of the Chaste, and Pennsylvania German in the American Midwest, by Steven Keiser.

So far I’ve only dipped my toe in, but I’ll plan to share some more soon. It’s nice that this kind of resource is available to all, at the cost of just a couple of mouse-clicks. And if you missed previous editions, here are issues 1 and 2.

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    1. Thank you – I look forward to reading it.

      1. I’ve read the wealth distribution and starting on the transport article. Given past discussions here on buggy safety, I think the 3 articles by Cory Anderson on that topic ought to be interesting to some readers.

    2. Kevin L.

      Thanks for the links to all the issues. I look forward to going through them.

    3. Al in Ky

      Thanks for letting us know about the new issue of JAPAS. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the first two issues and shared some of
      the articles with Amish friends of various affiliations. And when
      I went back to visit them, I learned that some had shared the articles with other Amish friends. I’m especially interested in the
      articles on buggy accidents and think they will interest my friends also.

      1. Al, excellent. Glad to hear JAPAS is making its way down the Amish grapevine in your neck of the woods. I’d think the buggy articles in particular might be of interest. We haven’t posted anything about buggy accidents in awhile, but of course they continue.

    4. The Other Erik

      Thanks for the "heads-up"

      I read the previous issues close to the time they first were published, and really appreciated some of them.

      The journal publishes infrequently, and I’d forgotten about it, so this notice helped me. I managed to read one article, but then the journal website seemingly went down. I’ll try again later.