How can I find an Amish pen-pal?

An Amish pen pal relationship can be rewarding

amish pen palWe often get asked here at Amish America about how to find an Amish pen-pal.  Amish do correspond with “English” friends and acquaintances.  Unfortunately, due to the sheer number of requests, we’re not able to match individuals up with Amish pen-pals.

However, that does not mean that you can’t try to find an Amish pen pal, and with a bit of motivation, you may even find success.   Here are a few ideas on how you might do that:

How to find an Amish pen pal

  1. Get to know some Amish people. This is probably the best way.  Next time you are visiting an Amish community, strike up conversation with the owner of a business, such as a roadside stand, quilt shop, or furniture company.  Depending on the type of business, Amish business people tend to be oriented to the non-Amish public.  Getting to know someone face-to-face is a great way to stimulate interest in a pen-pal relationship.  You might even leave your contact information behind with an invitation to drop you a line sometime, or even send a note thanking the Amish proprietor for their time and letting them know how you’ve enjoyed their pie/quilt/handcrafted furniture item.
  2. Get to know some people who know some Amish people. You may have a relative, friend, or business acquaintance that has contact with Amish families.  This may be a good outlet to express your interest and make contact.  Share a bit about who you are and why you are interested.  Amish are often interested in contact with non-Amish individuals.  Amish typically lead busy lives, but writing letters is one hobby enjoyed by many.

There are probably other ways to find an Amish pen pal in addition to these.  Another thing that might help you connect with Amish is to learn more about Amish beliefs and practices.

Amish people appreciate a genuine desire to understand their faith, beliefs, and motivations. To learn more about Amish life, try this list of commonly-asked questions about Amish. Also, subscribe to this blog to receive updates, news, and information on Amish communities.

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    1. Submitting to God's teachings


      1. Matthew Yoder

        Pen Pals Welcome

        I am happy to be a pen pal and to share the truth of the Bible.

        God Bless You,
        Matthew Yoder

      2. maria smith

        We are looking for an experienced and loving nanny with a genuine love for babies and young children to look after a 2YEARS OLD BABY Boy. You will be required and expected to work for approximately 40 hours per week for 8 hours. daily from Monday to Friday.


        AU PAIR/NANNY: $3,700 Monthly (weekly allowance $220)
        DRIVER: $3,700 Monthly (weekly allowance $220)
        CHEF: $3,500 Monthly (weekly allowance $200)
        HOUSE SITTER/HOUSE KEEPER: $3,700 Monthly (weekly allowance $200)
        CAREGIVER/COOK/NURSING : $3,500 Monthly (weekly allowance $200)
        SECURITY/GARDENER : $4,000 Monthly (weekly allowance $350)

        You shall have a big room, huge, and has a double bed, with sitting area and TV/DVD/Video/Hifi. There is also a wireless broadband internet in the house!!Do well to send us your references or resume, and we would get in touch with them.We shall discuss travel arrangements in due course of which I would be of generous assistance to you.

        Interested applicant should get back to me with their resumes/CV

        We sincerely look forward to hear FROM you.
        Best Wishes.
        Maria Family

      3. Billy Hartman

        looking for an Amish female penpal

        im lookng for an Amish female penpal that I can get to know and maybe start a relationship with.
        you can contact me at

    2. JOINING


    3. Sharon Greene

      how can i get an amish pen pal

      I am 66 years old. I have many problems trying to travel anymore but would really like very much to have a pen pal. I hope I am not to old or disabled to get a family interested in writing to me. My email address is:

      1. Richard Roque


        I’m interested in a nice female Amish pen pal. I’m forty nine and live in Southern California. Looking to converse with an older widow or single woman or a younger single female or widow.

    4. Sharon Greene

      how can i get an amish pen pal

      I am 66 years old. I have many problems trying to travel anymore but would really like very much to have a pen pal. I hope I am not to old or disabled to get a family interested in writing to me.

    5. judy becker

      seeking amish woman penpal

      I would love to have an amish penpal. I have been reading a lot of amish novels and find myself drawn to them. your lifestyle is so humbling and your faith in Gotte is awesome. I look forward to sharing our simple lives to learn about our families and our deep faith in God.

    6. Guy and Debb

      We love to have a pen-pal and meet over dinner

      My wife and I love to go Amish country in and any place around there
      We go there about 7 times a years But we don’t know any amish to be friends with. Any Amish would love to get to know us? and exchange the bible and our life’s let me know or being a pen-pal be nice also

      1. Guy

        misspell email

        My email is

    7. robert anderson


      If you subscribe to the paper you might find an address for a pen pal there. The Budget is the paper just the national version unless you want the local news but most useful to find someone to write to is the national. Blessings

      1. Guy


        Yes when we go there we pick the budget paper and there is no pen pal thanks anyways

    8. Kathy Ettinger


      I would love to have a penpal friend. Amish lady between 30-70. God bless!

    9. Mrs Elaine Van-Tull

      I live in the UK, and I would like an Amish or Mennonite penfriend
      who is in the same age group as myself late 60’s. They amish people
      has always fastinated me.

    10. Lori Farrar

      Amish are good people that I have great respect for.

      The always sometimes get put down because of their beliefs and ways of living. That is so wrong. I grew up in a very strict religious home. People who make fun if other people because of the way they live or their beliefs should take a long look at thenselves and maybe the Good Lord will show them the right path to follow. Lori Terre haute, IN God Bless You All

      1. Marlon Wright

        I like to write letters and someone to corrispond with would be a nice life experience.

        I am looking for a pen-pal, Amish, Mennonite, anyone who sees this and would like to exchange some letters, just to get to know some more people in this changing wold, I am looking to return to the simplicity of hard working spiritual up life.

    11. cella borgen

      woman pen pal only

      I would like to write letters to a woman only.

    12. shannon lynn boring ( ritts)

      looking for good friend (freind)

      Good mornng, evening, or night which ever it name is shannon im 31 years old. I have two beautiful children Joesph and shianne and adding 3 more young . I got to church sing in the chior work part time taking care of the eldery. Hoping to find friend to write too or email which ever is avaiable . Danki God bless ,

      1. Keri

        pen pal

        Hi, while I am not Amish I am 31 years also , however I have had a bit of a different life than you. No kids and I spent 3 years traveling the world about 35 countries in three years and about 40 over my life time. But I would love to have a pen pal that is living a life different than mine, if you care to chat email me

      2. Looking for female amish friend

        Hi I’m 60 live in oregon married my husband and I have 10 children between us. 2 grand children and 2 more on the way. We love Jesus and live for him. Looking for a amish friend. Are you the one.

      3. Amish girl - Rebecca

        Hi, if you give me your e-mail I’ll get in touch. I’m old-order Amish, single, and a Nursing Assistant @ a local nursing home and frequently stop in to check e-mail when I pass the library.

        1. Ashley


          I live right next door to an old order Amish community. And have many friends in Amish communities around my area. I was wondering how you get away with using a computer. They don’t even permit the usage of an englisher cell phone. If only for a second. We don’t play music when they come over for fear that they won’t come back.

        2. We all love God and suppose to love each other.I love everything about the Amish.If your still interested in penal let me know.

        3. Matthew Yoder

          Pen Pals Welcome

          I am happy to be a pen pal and to share the truth of the Bible.

          God Bless You,
          Matthew Yoder

        4. Deborah BROWN

          Looking for Amish female pen pal

          Hi I’m going retested in communicating with an Amish female friend.

          Thank you!

        5. Brooke Carr


          Hello Rebecca.
          I’m looking for an amish pen pal. Do you already have an english pen pal? If not, would you like to correspond with me?

          Have a lovely week.
          Kindest regards
          Brooke Carr

        6. Todd

          Amish Penpal

          Looking for amish penpal, male in sarasota florida. Thx

        7. Todd

          Amish Penpal

          Looking for amish penpal, male in sarasota florida. Thx

        8. Ed Splichal

          Looking for friendship (57 year old single man)

          Hi…My name is Ed. I am interested in getting to know more about the Amish…and build a friendship. (Male or Female)

        9. Matthew

          Spiritual wonder of Amish

          Spiritual wonder of Amish

    13. Diane Moniz

      looking for penpal 50-65 yrs

      Looking to correspond with Amish. My dream as to visit an Amish community. I’ve read books by Beverly Lewis and others. To live a plain and simple life seems so far from a city I live in. Hope to hear from someone soon.

      Diane M.

    14. loretta jorgensen

      pen pal


    15. Barb Burlew

      Christian women seeking Amish friendship

      I read a lot of Amish related books (Beverly Lewis for one), and wonder what you think about the books? All I know is that I wish I had an Amish friend. When I see an Amish family walking through a store, I want so much to say hello, but don’t know if they prefer not to be spoken to by someone not Amish. I am 67….married with six grandchildren. Sure would love to hear from you….sincerely, I would. E-mail or letters. Thanks!

    16. anna

      amish penpal

      I would enjoy corresponding with an Amish female. I don’t know anyone that could introduce me to an Amish person. I sew, knit, crochet, read, bake, cook, can, love animals. I have no children. Thank you.

    17. Bonnie Harris


      Hi, I have just returned home after spending time in an Amsih community. I love the simple life of the Amish.
      I am from Canada and would appreciate the joy of having an Amish woman to be a pen pal. I am a mother of 3 sons. A grandmother of 3. I love the Lord with all my heart. It would be such a wonder to connect in this way. Thanks so much

    18. Samantha

      Amish Penpal Wanted

      I would appreciate being able to converse with an Amish lady as a penpal. I am 43 and live in South Africa, so I can’t visit any Amish communities. I was radically saved in 2007 and the Lord told me to come out oif the world. I have struggled with this and been ridiculed for my faith, but I have raised my children without TV and other wordly things. I have home schooled my kids, the youngest is 11. My son has now had to go to high school but it is a hard walk because it is a ‘Christian’ school but not in the real sense. He is ridiculed and persecuted for his committment to purity, chastity and Christiian values. My husband is a carpenter. We have three horses that my son and I gently broke in, and oine ex-racehorse we rescued. We would love to build a buggy and start a community here that has the same values, but need help and advice on a number of issues.

    19. Roz Jones



      My name is Roz and I am 36 years old, I live in the U.K. and I would like an Amish pen pal.

      My email is if anyone is able to help

    20. Kayla Baugh

      Pen pal

      Hi I’m a 29 female who wish to have a Amish pen pal and hopefully be able to visit and learn the culture. I have always wanted to engage with the Amish but wasn’t sure how.

    21. Kitty Goehring

      I would love an amish pen pal

      I am a Christian housewife and would love to have a female amish pen pal in their 50’s. I love the Amish way of life and would love to correspond.

    22. Nick Millman

      Amish pen pal please - it would make me so happy


      My name is nick and I would love an Amish pen pal
      I was raised Jewish but I feel a connection with the Amish way of life in my heart !!!!
      It would be amazing to connect with an Amish person of any age or gender !!!! Myself I am 38 years old and male!
      I did make contact with the budget newspaper last year but didn’t go any further
      My dream is to one day visit the Amish communities

      Currently I live in London uk

      Thank you for your time

      Lots of love and hugs nick

    23. anthony

      i want to learn about Amish culture

      I am a young christian man and am hoping to learn more about the Amish culture, there are no Amish communities listed near me (California) i would love an opportunity to learn more.

    24. Roz Jones

      Looking for Amish pen pal

      (I accidentally unsubscribed)

      Still looking for pen pal. I am happy to write letter of introduction

    25. Marlene Gillis

      I have two sewing classes in elementary school, I would love to find a Amish pen pal to share sewing ideas

    26. tyler

      Looking for a friend.

      I have been thinking about this for a while, My name is Tyler, I am in my 20’s. I live in a very small town in the south. I have been battling depression lately. I don’t have any friends, and i thought it would be nice to get to know someone. I have been praying this sadness lets go of me. I would love to hear from someone who leads a much different life than my own.

      1. Hey Tyler, hang in there. If you get a chance, drop me an email at .

      2. Ken

        Hey Tyler.

        Hey Ty you can talk to me. I have been through it.

    27. tattered

      Still survivin on the streets

      I am an opiate addict that would like to co-habitate with an Amish family who would in return work me like a mule and kick the synthetic devil out of my system. Any takers?

    28. Rod

      One amish girl wrote me when I was around 15 y.o
      I never replied her letter because my English is not good. I´m from Brazil. I don´t know how she found out my address at that time. Anyways, I feel so bad about it, until today. I´m 35 and I´d like to talk with another amish now a days so I can repair this situation by making a real exchange now, since my English is a bit better now

    29. Deborah BROWN

      Looking for a female Amish pen pal

      Hi! I’m 61 and have visited Amish country in PA twice in a month. I absolutely loved it. I would like to find a female pen pal to have a written friendship with. Please email and we will exchange addresses and have a friendship to enjoy for years to come.


    30. L

      Are Amish open minded. I’m Catholic, French, and I’d like to find an Amish pen pal. Just to enjoy a friendship, and learn about their culture. I’m open minded, and never try to force other people in my views, but is the opposite true?

    31. Karen Sullivan

      Would love to find an Amish pen pal.

      I love the Amish way of life. I frequently visit Lancaster Pa. I would love to find a pen pal to learn more about the Amish faith and culture.

    32. Looking for a Young Amish pan Pal

      Hi My names Allison , I live on a Farm with my family and I‘m a Christian
      I’m looking for an Amish boy or a girl to email or snail mail with .

      I want to know more about the amish way of life
      About what you believe about god and more

      Feel free to email me @ Allisonloren@iCloud.con

    33. Parker

      Looking for Amish Woman PenPal


      My name is Parker and I am 22 from Pittsburgh. I have wanted to become Amish since I was 7. I used to have Amish friends when I was young because I spent most of my time in upstate New York. I am looking for a connection again. I am a Christian and I dress plain. I have not found a church that feels right to me in my city but if anyone has any advice please let me know.

      Contact me at 🙂

      Thank you, and God bless.

    34. I would like a female Amish pen pal

      I’m a very conservative Christian lady homemaker. I love our Lord Jesus. I also dress modest and feminine. I love to cook, garden, sew my own modest dresses, care for chickens and my family.

    35. I would like a female Amish pen pal

      I’m a very conservative Christian lady homemaker. I love our Lord Jesus. I also dress modest and feminine. I love to cook, garden, sew my own modest dresses, care for chickens and my family. contact me at

    36. Margaret Barnett

      Love to learn

      I am a Christian female. Would love to learn more about the Amish way.
      I have always respected them and how their own community works together.
      I have been amongst the Amish all my life. I use live with in 20 miles of their community in Martinsburg Pa and New Enterprise.

      1. Maloree Wied

        How can I find an Amish pen-pal?

        I am in no way a threat to the Amish community. I have always just been very curious and admire their way of living, have always wanted to get to know more about it.

    37. Christopher

      Warning to the children of YHWH

      To those with eyes to see and ears to hear.
      I have been studying quite a bit lately and have found that the nation of Mystery Babylon appears to be the U.S. and believe it will soon be partaking of His wrath.
      I want the Amish to receive this message and to be spared as they seem to live in a manner consistent with the teachings.
      Those who can, please contact those in the community and those who serve Him to guide them away from the wrath of the almighty.
      Sincerely, Christopher

    38. Anita Hall

      Want an amish pen pal

      I am 59 and would like to have an amish pen pal.
      I am married with children and grandchildren.

    39. Rebecca thomas

      male and female friends wanted

      I am Rebecca Thomas 43years old widowed from daytona beach,florida,I do have a daughter ,I am looking for a friend.

      1. Pen Pal

        I’m Caitriona O’Sullivan, looking for pen pal friendship I have a loving heart and am a very respectful and kind Woman, I never judge others and am very compassionate, i love to appreciate the little things in life and am very honest. Here is my Email please you can get back to me directly on;

    40. Rene

      I would love to have Amish penpal, pls find my IG:rene__agnes

    41. Jova

      I would like a female Amish pen pal

      Would love to meet and Amish girl and talk about life I’m 23 if she can be the same age as me it would be nice

    42. LaVonne F

      Looking for a penpal

      Hi, I have been trying to find a penpal. I have joined other sites, and written two letters and neither person have written back. I was hoping to find someone who could write regular letters. It would be great to learn about the Amish and find a good friend. I am 62 years old, married and have 4 grown children and 12 grandchildren. I love nature, animals, I cook most meals from scratch. I like working in the garden. I would like to learn new recipes and gardening tips. I live in Northern Mn. Thank you and I hope I find a penpal.

    43. Michael Shelly

      im looking for a 50 or 60 year 0ld lady to come in my house and be my lover and friend house keeper and friend as you can see im truthfull and honest im looking for that 1 lady that wants to be loved i live in ontario canada near ottawa please respond

    44. Josephine Fay

      Finding an Amish pen pal from lady in UK

      Hello there,

      My name is Josephine and I’m 51 years old and looking for an Amish or Mennonite pen pal. I feel very lonely in my daily life and would really like a pen pal.