Belated Christmas wishes to everyone here, I trust you spent the time well. Anyone who has yet to travel I hope you’ll complete it safely.

Depending on where you are in the world your holiday observances may be continuing today. I know our readers in the UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand are on Boxing Day today. Others know December 26th as St. Stephen’s Day, or simply the second day of Christmas.

About this time of year I get asked whether Amish give gifts for Christmas. The day may have passed, but for future reference, Amish do give gifts, though as you’d expect they are simpler than what English children receive.

Toys and books may be given as presents; see this post on Amish Christmas gift-giving, or this one on good presents for Amish friends for examples (bookmark for next year if you have Amish friends on your list).

English people get gifts from Amish friends as well. A reader often helps by offering free taxi services to a neighbor. Here is what they received this Christmas “Since you never let us pay for taxi”:

Fruit Basket Xmas Gift

That is a serious fruit basket. Healthy.

There are also these cookies, though I don’t know the story behind them:

Cookie Present

Christmas Cookies

Last year we looked at Amish Christmas card customs. Amish do send Christmas cards to one another. You often see them hanging in Amish homes. I bring this up after the fact, because my cards have yet to go out.

Here are some examples of cards, which the reader above received from Amish friends:

Amish Christmas Wishes

Merry Christmas Handmade

Poinsettia Card


Handwritten Wishes

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