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From the AP:

SPARTA, Pa. (AP) — A hit-and-run crash involving an SUV and a horse-drawn Amish buggy left two adults and two young children in the buggy seriously injured.

Pennsylvania state police say the accident in Sparta occurred shortly before 7:30 p.m. Sunday.

The SUV struck the buggy from behind and then fled the scene.

Authorities say the SUV was later located, but further details were not disclosed.

Four people in the buggy — a 24-year-old man, a 23-year-old woman, a year-old boy and a newborn — were all being treated at hospitals for undisclosed injuries.

I read the fact that they have found the vehicle but no word on the driver as meaning that the driver is still at large. A follow-up story with greater detail (linked below) notes that the buggy driver was actually not injured enough to warrant medical attention. The babies were life-flighted to hospital and the woman went to hospital as well.

Also, Sparta refers to a township and not a town. This happened in Crawford County, which happens to be the same county where the Amish home we looked at Friday is located (though this appears to be people from a different settlement). Locals are urging road safety in the wake of this latest crash:

This is one of the many crashes involving horse-drawn carriages that have happened already this year in places such as Altoona, Meadville, and now Sparta Township.

Residents of Spartansburg say their biggest advice to drivers is to slow down when they see a horse-drawn carriage and be especially careful at dusk and dawn, when the sun is the brightest.

One Titusville resident visiting Spartansburg, Kellie Price-Brenner said that she thinks police need to patrol the roads during busy times of the day, when the Amish are driving to and from work.

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Several weeks ago in another part of Pennsylvania, a 10-month-old Amish girl passed away following injuries sustained when the buggy she was in was rear-ended while traveling uphill.

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