Go Fund Me For 5 Amish Children Hurt In Alleged Drunk Driving Accident

From the Spooner, Wisconsin Advocate:

Five children were injured when an allegedly drunk driver crashed into their horse and buggy on Monday afternoon, Dec. 7.

The accident occurred on Cty. Hwy. M near Church Road, west of Birchwood. The horse and buggy was northbound on Hwy. M and was rear ended by a pick-up truck. All five children were injured, and two of them were hospitalized, said Washburn County Sheriff Dennis Stuart. The horse was put down at the scene.

Photo: Rose

A non-Amish friend of the family (Carli DeNicolo of Northwoods Country Store) has set up a Go Fund Me for the family. The parents are Eli and Rachel Miller:

So many of our customers have asked HOW they can help a local Amish family whose 5 children were hit by a vehicle as they were on their way home from school on Monday.

All 5 children went to the hospital. The horse had to be put down, and the buggy was destroyed. At this time, 4 of the children are home. They have bruises, scrapes, broken bones and a long recovery ahead of them. They require constant care, which the Amish community is taking care of. The Amish community is also taking care of chores for Eli and Rachel.

There is still 1 little girl hospitalized in Marshfield with blood on her spine and broken vertebrae. They are very concerned. There was a 2nd MRI performed yesterday to hopefully give some answers as to where the blood is coming from. They are awaiting news on this MRI.

Eli’s brother and father stopped into the store this morning to ask that we let our community know how very much they appreciate everyone’s prayers and the outpouring of well wishes they have received. I asked them WHAT the community could do to help them. Eli’s brother said the biggest need right now is to replace the horse and buggy.

It looks like they’ve gotten a nice response so far, with over 280 people donating. You can see the full GoFundMe here.

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    1. Jerry

      Very Sad

      With all the technology we currently have it is beyond me how we as a society we allow automobiles to operate with an inpaired driver.

      1. True. It seems to me that car makers cram today’s vehicles with all manner of features, some of which actually make the driving experience worse (example: keyless ignition with the ignition button, rather than a classic insert-key-and-turn to start. Perfect for misplacing your keys). I believe the tech certainly exists but there are probably at the least civil liberty objections to it being a mandatory feature (which I could understand). However it seems like the technology could be mandated as part of a punishment for DUI offenders and certainly repeat offenders.

        1. Heidemarie Emmert

          any updates

          are there any updates on the child that was in the hospital with spinal bleeding?