Fundraiser & Card Shower For Amanda King & Family (Updated)

A news blurb about an accident in Lancaster County several days ago contained few details. An English friend of the family involved has just filled out the story.

Three Amish sibling children were hit by a pickup truck while driving the buggy to church in Bart Township, at around 7:30 Sunday morning. Parents Dave and Liz King own the BBQ Barn at the Amish Farm and House, a popular Lancaster tourist attraction.

Dave and Liz left for church with their 4 younger children about ten minutes before Melvin, Amanda and Levi. They had no idea that their older children had been involved in an accident until they were found and told about the incident.

Levi, the younger boy miraculously escaped with only bumps and bruises, Melvin, who was driving the buggy, has some head trauma, but Amanda the oldest daughter suffered the full brunt of the collision. She was taken to Hershey Medical center with serious head trauma and is not conscious at this time. We now know she broke both of her legs, a bone in her neck and back and is in the ICU.

Twelve-year-old Amanda will have a tough recovery.

This family has been a part of our family for the past 3 years. We have watched these children grow and have become very close to them through the years. Liz just gave birth to baby Marvin only a few months ago. The challenges this family faces with taking care of their young children, transportation to and from the hospital and post hospital care for Amanda will be daunting. The Amish don’t have traditional insurance but they can rely on Amish Aid to help with the medical bills. We have no idea what insurance the driver of the truck may have had.

Amanda is an important helper at her parents’ business. You might have met her if you ever ate there:

This being said, this family will need help financially. We want to do whatever we can to help them get back on their feet. We want them to know that they are not alone. If you ever ordered anything from the BBQ Barn, you most likely were served by Amanda. She is the sweetest, kindest young lady. She loves horses and scrapbooking (she even made the AFH a scrapbook). She always, always has a smile on her face. She is a little shy but once she gets to know you, she opens up and loves to talk.

Amanda wrote the note in the photo above. She was looking forward to working at the stand again this summer.

If you’d like to contribute, you can do so at the GoFundMe page. If you’d like to send a card or note to Amanda, her brothers and family, you can do that too. The address:

The Amish Farm and House
Attn: King Family
2395 Covered Bridge Drive
Lancaster, PA 17602

By the way, if you do choose to send a card, here’s a little note on the Amish tradition of card showers. It’s a sign of care and support from people, often outside the immediate community. This excerpt is from The Amish Way, page 79:

Expressions of care often come from beyond the local church district in the form of card showers. Contributors to Amish newspapers encourage people to write–or in some cases, send money–to cheer ill or lonely people. “Let’s have a thinking-of-you shower for Enos Yoder. He will be seventy-four March 15. He cannot do anything and has many long days,” began one request. “Let’s have a get well or whatever-you-wish shower for Mrs. Andy L. Hershberger,” urged another. “She had hip replacement surgery. Let’s fill her mailbox.” These showers generate scores of cards from people, many of whom the recipients will never meet because they live outside the community or state, but who reach out to fellow church members with concern and care.

Update June 3: Here’s an update from the GoFundMe page:

Melvin and Levi are both home from the hospital. They are bruised up but otherwise healthy. Levi does have a broken wrist. (He thinks his cast is pretty cool)

Liz was able to visit Amanda in the ICU today. She said it was very hard to see Amanda in such pain, but she is thankful that Amanda is alive and on the road to recovery. Amanda had surgery on her broken legs and is undergoing scans to see what bones are broken in her neck/back. She is excited to get home and start scrapbooking with all the extra time she will have.

Both David and Liz were overcome with emotion when we shared how much money we had raised. They loved reading every comment on Facebook. They send their deepest thanks to all of you.

The campaign is currently at close to half of its $10K goal. It sounds like parents David and Liz are very appreciative of the gestures of kindness from outsiders, many of whom I’m guessing they don’t know personally.

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    1. Geo

      Card shower

      A card shower seems like a great show of support. My heart goes out to Amanda.

    2. Jan van houten


      Would like to donate towards Amanda’s medical Bill’s. My family and I use to live in Lancaster not far from tanger outlets. We now live in Kissimmee fla but keep up with all the Lancaster news. Can we send a check..made out to who? forward yo hearing from you

      1. Mike

        GoFundMe Donations

        Hi, if you are interested in donating to the King Family Fund, follow this link or search for King Family Fund on GoFundMe. This page was set up by the Amish Farm and House and all money will go directly to the King family.

        1. Mike, do you know if they’d accept checks at the address given? Just for anyone who’d prefer to do it that way.

    3. Michael Burnham

      Donation Information

      Hi, if you are interested in donating to the King Family Fund, follow this link or search for King Family Fund on GoFundMe. This page was set up by the Amish Farm and House and all money will go directly to the King family.

    4. Stacy

      Praying for the family

      First I want to say I am praying for the family. I hope you don’t mind I shared this on my Amish FB pages I follow for more people to see and send cards.

    5. To Let You Know

      Dear Amanda
      I’m so sorry to hear about the Accident. I am a true believer that you will be able to overcome this in time.
      I have followed very closely how beautiful each day is to wake being Amish..It’s beautiful how each day you can sit with your parents and siblings for a beautiful meal. To share that moment in time.
      Amanda you are young you will have to work hard to be able to enjoy the morning sun.
      I will pray for your recovery. I will ask God to watch over you. Your never alone. I one day would love to meet you and your family. I heard you enjoy talking my mom always said that was my best To talk and learn from others.
      I will help your parents with the Medical Bills. I pray for your recovery.
      Your Friend Jolene

    6. Ginger Berkhouse

      Praying for you all

      I am happy to donate to such a wonderful cause. I will continue to pray for Amanda’s complete recovery and for her pain to lessen. Also in my prayers is the rest of the family during this difficult time. God bless you all.

    7. Robin Burgess

      Praying for You

      I am praying for Amanda and the rest of the family; they will feel God’s strength through all of our prayers and gifts. May you all receive many blessings, King family, as you work through this situation.