My friend Katie Troyer was featured in a pair of bonus videos for the recent PBS film The Amish: Shunned.  You may already know Katie from her excellent photos and blog focusing on life in the Pinecraft community in Florida.

On the PBS website, The Amish: Shunned creator Callie Wiser comments on the people whom she met “whose stories I did not get to tell”.  Callie writes:

One of these people, a woman named Katie Troyer, I couldn’t not film. She is such a warm and wise soul, I could not resist sitting her down to tell her story. I was sad when I couldn’t knit her story in with the other characters in The Amish: Shunned, and I asked her if she would mind if I edited a web feature about her.

Katie is a little person, she stands three feet four inches tall. She brings a unique perspective (literally and figuratively) to life as an Amish person and now as former Amish. Because of her stature, Katie’s community may never have been able to see her as able to fill the typical role of the Amish woman as a mother. This meant that she never fully fit in with her Amish community, but it also meant that she was more free to take on roles that an Amish mother would not be allowed, for example when she worked for a book publisher in an Amish community in Ontario.

In the first video, Katie discusses her struggles growing up Amish:

In the second, Katie shares more about her parents, her interest in photography, and what the Amish in Pinecraft think about her photos:

Amish-made cheese

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