Tomorrow (Monday) I ship off on a weeklong trip to East Coast Amish communities.  I’ll be visiting these settlements:

  • Halifax County, VA
  • Charlotte County, VA
  • Lancaster County, PA
  • Big Valley, PA
  • Cecil County, MD
  • Dover, DE

And maybe one or two others.

Big Valley I have visited, and Lancaster I know well.  The others are all new.

Curious if anyone is familiar with these communities.  The Dover Amish settlement is an old one–the only community in Delaware, and one I’ve meant to visit for a long while.  The two Virginia communities and the Maryland community I know little about, other than they are quite small and relatively new.

Will try to post while I’m on the road, but may be a bit more difficult than normal.  I’m looking forward to seeing friends in PA, and in general, the chance to travel.

I always enjoy taking trips, and visiting new places, especially Amish settlements I’ve never been to before.

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