Amish Girl Shot In Face By BB Gun Fired From Vehicle

Unlike yesterday’s lead story, this is not of the feel-good variety.

The Jamestown Post-Journal reports on an incident which happened Sunday in Warren County, PA:

WARREN, Pa. — Information is being sought after a youth riding in an Amish buggy was struck in the face by a BB fired from an SUV in Warren County.

According to the Pennsylvania State Police, the incident took place Sunday around 2 p.m. on Route 6 in Pittsfield Township.

Troopers said two female youths were eastbound in an Amish buggy when one was struck in the face by a BB gun fired from a westbound maroon/burgundy SUV.

“While the SUV was passing the buggy, an occupant in the SUV fired a BB gun at the buggy,” state police said. “The BB pierced the side of the buggy, then struck a juvenile female in the face near the eye, causing an injury.”

There are few details here. But it sounds like she was lucky with the BB missing a direct strike to her eye.

This brings to mind other attacks on Amish involving firearms.

These include drive-by shootings of Amish horses in Indiana and Pennsylvania, and the shots fired at Amish homes and a school in Wisconsin.

Warren County is home to portions of two sizeable Amish communities.

One is based around Spartansburg, the other at Sugar Grove. Part of the Sugar Grove settlement lies in New York.

Going by the location and the report coming from an NY paper, I would guess she is from the Sugar Grove community.

If you know something about this incident, contact the Warren department of the PA State Police at 814-728-3600, or Warren County Crime Stoppers.

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    1. Keith M Lucy

      That’s such a cowardly thing to do to innocent people.

    2. Kiki

      BB gun crime

      I’m so sick of the evil and hatred perpetrated in this country!! When will the American people return to our Judeo-Christian roots and start living holy lives which PROVE our faith!? People who commit these crimes are disgusting, poor excuses for human beings! May God quickly heal this child and convict those guilty!

      1. Amish Girl Shot In Face

        Kiki: I find it offensive that people ascribe good behavior or “holiness” to the Judeo-Christian faith only. Christians have been perpetrating crimes upon the Amish and other fringe sects, Christian or otherwise, since time immemorial. It is Christians of the evangelical kind, who voted for that guy in the White House. A guy who incites hatred and violence against those who are different, vulnerable and easy targets, such as the Amish and the people imprisoned in cages at the southern borders. He hasn’t singled out the Amish, but, he doesn’t have to. Many of his supporters are supposed Christians who refuse to believe that the Amish are Christians and pick on them because they usually get away with it. It is Christians who forget that 99% of the people stuck down at our southern borders are also Christians. It is Christian politicians who pass regulations separating children from their parents by perpetuating the lie that their parents are criminals. While it is true that a negligible percentage of migrant adults with children, were found to be criminals, most of them petty criminals, (that doesn’t make those parents bad parents,) the overwhelming number of migrant adults imprisoned are neither petty or felonious criminals. It is Christians who are willing to believe, without being presented with factual proof, that separating children from their parents, causing some of them to die, is justifiable based on a lie that Christians are perpetuating. Please tell me where is the holiness in the Judeo-Christian faith that you speak of?

        1. Keith M Lucy

          My Thoughts

          I’m sorry, but you are just plain wrong.

        2. Al M


          You lost your credibility on the “guy in the white house” comment. Blaming Christians makes no sense. We are all sinners and have evil in our hearts at times. Shooting at someone, or inflicting harm to another person with any means is pure evil no matter what ideology they claim.

          1. Keith M Lucy
        3. Kiki

          Janice, you’re turning an evil act into a political issue which doesn’t have anything to do with it. I’ll not validate your rant by responding further.

        4. Geo


          Your points are well taken. Some primitive instinct causes discomfort or distrust for anyone or anything different. Unscrupulous demagogues have stirred up this instinct to gain power for themselves with terrible results throughout history. Following beliefs outside the mainstream as the Amish do is courageous. It’s certainly not the path of least resistance.

    3. Really?

      The nuts don’t fall far from the tree! If it was a teenager who fired the BB shot at the Amish kids, they might consider themselves lucky. If it had been the boy’s father it could have been an AK-47 or a 357 Magnum. It boggles my mind that some English don’t possess a modicum of scruples when it comes to any kind of confrontation with something they don’t understand or have fear of. I certainly hope the junior terrorists are caught…and taught a lesson.

    4. Marshell J. Foss

      Gross Injustice

      It’s always the innocent who absorb the pain, and the ignorant who perpetuate it. In my opinion, God shall carefully look the other way if we ever catch this person(s) and others who go out of their way to undermind our way of life. May they rot in Hell!

      1. It’s an upsetting topic, and a gross action against another human. But hopefully whoever is responsible won’t continue down this same path their entire life.

    5. Geo


      Thankfully not as bad as it could have been. An eye could have been lost. Law enforcement needs to take it seriously and pull all stops to discover who did this. It’s such a short hop from this to using a more powerful weapon.