I’m traveling on the way to Ohio now and haven’t had a chance to put together a post on Saturday’s visit to NC’s Swartzentruber Amish community and their first annual auction.

It was a great visit and you can expect to see more on that soon. Here’s a preview shot, of an Amish auction patron hauling home a wringer washer:

Yesterday I stopped at Burke’s Garden, Virginia, a secluded bowl-like valley which is home to a small Amish settlement of about 14 families.

I had heard of this place following a visit by reader Jerry and his 2015 guest post on the community.

It is an intriguing pocket of land tucked away in a part of Virginia that you have to be intending to visit – you won’t drive through this place by accident, due to its geography.

Burke’s Garden has few human residents and many cattle, at least seasonally.

Beef cattle are raised here and can pack on the pounds quickly owing to the local soil’s fertility.

I had a nice visit with Mattie Schlabach, proprietor of Mattie’s Place, a general store, bakery, and small restaurant selling sandwiches and some warm foods.

I’ll have more on this community as well as Mattie’s store (I hope to make a second stop on my way back to NC in a couple days).

In the meantime, enjoy these photos which I took in the late afternoon and at dusk yesterday.

I meant to take more,but my conversation with Mattie went longer than planned. She is a pleasure to visit with and I learned a lot.

Burke’s Garden really is a beautiful place as I’d heard. I’d just missed the latest snowfall, the third of the season, but there were patches of snow remaining along the mountain pass into the valley as I came in.


Amish-made cheese

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