It’s been a little over 2 weeks since the crash that claimed the lives of siblings Caleb, Fannie Mae, and Elizabeth Miller.

Last week, Ronald Ramsey, who was driving the vehicle that struck the children’s buggy in Eaton County, Michigan, spoke to media.

I can’t help but feel great sympathy for this man. He explains what happened in the crash:

Ramsey told News 8 in an interview Friday that he didn’t see the buggy until it was too late.

“Shade trees were over the road, but I was also facing the sun,” Ramsey said. “I just didn’t see the buggy until I was on top of it.”

“I’ve passed buggies hundreds of times on the same road,” he added. “I’ve always been able to go around them.”

It sounds like speed or substances were not a factor in this crash, and that it was simply an accident.

In accidents like this, first thoughts naturally go to the victims. Mr. Ramsey, who lost his wife a year ago, will have a heavy burden to deal with.

“This was an accident. What do you say to anybody when you take their kids?” Ramsey said. “I know how bad I feel. I’m in misery all the time.”

“I just feel terrible. If I would’ve seen them in time I would’ve avoided them,” Ramsey said. “It’s the worst thing I have ever faced… I will live with this for the rest of my life.”

The Amish community has reached out to him:

Also helping him through his healing process — the loved ones of the children killed in the crash.

Ramsey said he’d received several cards from members of the Amish community. Some of them are from relatives of the victims.

“It’s been for several days now, I’ve been getting cards from them,” Ramsey said. “I’m included in their prayers, which I appreciate.”

He wants to meet with the family:

Ramsey said he has not yet spoken to the Miller family in person, but he has communicated messages to them through his pastor. He says he hopes to meet with them when the time is right.

“They know I want to meet them at some time,” Ramsey said.

His daughter is with him lending her support. Thoughts and prayers go out to Ronald Ramsey.

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