Chicago Murder Suspect Found In Indiana Amish Country

A suspect in a Chicago murder was just found in LaGrange, Indiana. That small town is the seat of LaGrange County, where you’ll find the third-largest Amish settlement in the world. From WGNTV:

LAGRANGE, Ind. — A man charged with a Christmas murder of a 21-year-old on the South Side was arrested Monday in Northern Indiana’s Amish country.

Bunmi Adeoye, 35, was charged with first-degree murder and two counts of aggravated battery.

He was taken into custody Monday by the Great Lakes Fugitive Task Force in LaGrange, Indiana. That area is known for being part of Indiana’s Amish country.

It’s a bit puzzling how a murder suspect from South Side Chicago would end up in LaGrange. On the one hand, it is basically a straight shot east, a two-hour drive, to LaGrange, a town of less than 3,000 people.

Suspect Bunmi Adeoye was apprehended Monday in LaGrange, Indiana

If you committed a crime like this, I guess you might want to get out of town. However the suspect is not of white race/ethnicity. And thus LaGrange County doesn’t seem like the best place to hide out. And that’s simply because the county is around 97% white and has less than 1% of its population listed as “black or African American” (with the town of LaGrange being very similar demographically).

You’re simply going to be more noticeable as a non-white person in a place with those demographics. Plus it’s a small town in a relatively sparsely-populated part of the country. Yes there are fewer eyes than in a city, but an increased chance of being noticed when it’s harder to blend in.

Was this a Witness-inspired escape plan? In that famous/infamous 1985 movie, a Philadelphia police officer goes into hiding in Lancaster County with the family of an Amish boy who witnessed a murder in the city. The bad guys eventually found them in that story.

In this case, the dynamic is basically reversed, though of course the suspect is considered innocent until proven guilty. No telling how long Adeoye was hanging out in LaGrange, however. Since over three months have passed since the murder he is accused of, it’s possible he spent time in other places in the meantime. All in all, a strange story.

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