I am sure some of you are going to recognize this sign today. I would even call it semi-famous at this point by virtue of it being photographed so much due to its location. The sign is an advertisement for a long-running root beer business at an Amish farm just outside Intercourse, Pennsylvania, the heart of tourism in the country’s most-visited Amish settlement.

If you’ve driven highway 340 west out of Intercourse you’ve probably seen this quaint sign on the right-hand side of the road and maybe even stopped in to sample the beverage. I did so once some years ago. I believe this place is also on some of the guided tourist trip stops. The sign directs you down a long lane to an Amish dairy farm where you’ll find the cold root beer (and more).

A simple business, but I’ve wondered how much one can make selling homemade Amish root beer right outside arguably the biggest Amish tourist town in America. I bet it is a nice little sideline. When I google the address I get an “Olde Heritage Homemade Root Beer & Gift Shop” as the official name of this place. Here’s the “Our Story” description from a website featuring this business:

Olde Heritage is locally owned and operated by Elam & Naomi Fisher who, along with their family, have enjoyed serving their tasty homemade root beer to the visitors of their farm since 2000. The Fisher’s also appreciate the opportunity to share their wide variety of fresh baked goods, home canned preserves, and handcrafted gifts with those who appreciate authentic and unique market fare varieties.

So they have built a nice store around the root beer hook. The site also says they make small batches of root beer “nearly every day.” Here’s an additional collage showing some images of the shop and another view of the famous sign (in this shot the “No Sunday Sales” Amish-business-indicator is visible, unlike in the above photo where it’s obscured by snow):

If you find yourself thirsty for some homemade root beer in the vicinity of southeastern PA, it’s easy to find:

Olde Heritage Homemade
Root Beer & Gift Shop
3217 Old Philadelphia Pike
Ronks, PA 17572
(717) 768-8875

Image credit: likeaduck/flickr

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