An Amish acquaintance in Lebanon County, PA has kindly passed on a link to a Lancaster Sunday News story I’d missed from a couple of weeks back.

Demonstrating that unceasing Amish innovative drive, it seems the folks at Stoltzfus Coach Supply have hitched up a new buggy alternator (no longer online) device to keep running lights juiced.

The alternator solves two issues–the danger of a battery going dead while on the road, as well as reducing the need for battery recharging, necessary about once a week for typical usage.

Stoltzfus Coach, located in Lebanon County (home of a Lancaster daughter settlement of a half-dozen church districts) has taken up distribution of the new alternators–factory-made in China–to area buggy shops.  General manager Reuben Lantz states that the imported product “exceeds our expectations on quality.”

As it happens, I’ve been hearing similar things from Amish furniture manufacturers on surprisingly high-quality Chinese-made tables and chairs.

Seems like despite the occasional container-load of lead-paint Barbies, Chinese product quality could be on the upswing.

What does the future hold for Amish tech?  According to Lantz–electric brakes.  As Lantz tells it, it could be one of the next projects on the drawing board.

So it’s likely the already well-wired Amish buggy will continue its electrification–assuming aforementioned brakes pass muster with the church, that is.

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