Changing the Tires

Respect to the Amish farrier.  His is a tough job.

Amish occupations may vary from businesses that cater to non-Amish to those that service the Amish community.  The farrier keeps Amish horses running.

The typical horse needs a ‘tire change’ about once every 4 to 8 (to 12 in winter) weeks, depending on horse, climate, and season.

A typical change of shoes takes about 45 minutes to an hour for a pro.  A home-job by an amateur might take up to 90.


The job itself is a back-breaker. Most of the time is spent bent over with a hoof between his legs, sweat pouring down his face, pulling or putting in nails, or filing down the hoof.  Some of these guys do eight or more a day.

There’s also the off-chance of getting a kick from a jumpy horse.

Hooves grow like a fingernail.  If you don’t file the hoof down, it can cause serious problems for the horse.  They also grow faster in summer, just like our nails or hair.

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