Amish Wisdom radio podcast

If you’ve got, say, some chores to do this weekend and need a little background listening you might try this podcast (60 min-currently unavailable) of my appearance on Suzanne Woods Fisher’s radio program Amish Wisdom.

I quite enjoyed our conversation and hope I didn’t ramble on too much, but Suzanne asked some interesting questions.  The celery one had me stumped though.

Topics included Amish women in business, what it’s like to live in an Amish home, and even…scrapple. I made sure to mention the blog and the interesting conversation going on here on that mystery meat.

Suzanne gave away a book too, but I’m not sure who ended up the winner.  Thanks to everyone who listened the first go-round!

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    1. Csarina

      I have just finished listening to your podcast which I found most interesting. I have been interested in the Amish since I was a teenager; why I do not know, I must have read about them. I do so admire their tenacity, the plain and simple life they lead and their beliefs.

      I found your blog when I was searching for something else and have been a keen reader ever since.

      I was lucky enough in 2003 to visit the Amish settlement in Shipshewana which I found fascinating. We stayed in a wonderful guest house attached to an Amish bakery, the food was delicious, I must admit though it was the first time I had carrot cake for breakfast.

      Keep up the good work, I do so enjoy reading your blog.

    2. Rick

      Very enjoyable, Erik! I feel like I know you a lot better now! Good to hear more about your early exposure to the Amish. Seems like it will be an interesting series of podcasts.

    3. Thanks Csarina, and Rick! It was a fun talk and Suzanne is really easy to discuss this topic with since she is so knowledgeable, and such a lively and fun personality. I really think her show will do well. Too bad we didn’t take callers, but maybe the next time, would be good for some more back-and-forth.

    4. Ann Whitaker

      What a joy to make so many discoveries! Thanks for the many posts; I’m a little late in coming to this one, but will make the podcast part of my day. Thanks Erik.

    5. Erik, just listened to the podcast. Great stuff! I was glad to hear another Amish aficionado with a southern (and NC no less) accent 😉 I’m subscribing to Suzanne’s podcasts now.