Rachel Yoder was killed by a stray bullet from a hunter’s rifle, according to new reports.

A hunter was getting ready to clean his weapon about a mile and a half away, and discharged the firearm into the air.  In the most recent news piece I can find, Holmes County Sherriff Timothy Zimmerly describes it as “in all probability” accidental.

If there is any “good news” that can come out of this story, I suppose it’s that this killing was in all likelihood not intentional.  I think we might be surprised by this, given that no bullet holes were found in the buggy.  Police were investigating the incident as a homicide.

amish shooting buggy frontI’m not here to play junior detective, but does this mean the bullet entered through an opening in the buggy? As noted yesterday, Rachel was a member of the Andy Weaver Amish.  In contrast to both Old and New Order Amish, Andy Weaver Amish have historically restricted the use of storm fronts (similar to car windshields) on their buggies.

To be honest I am not sure if any Andy Weavers permit, say, removable storm fronts (ie used in wintertime) or not, though perhaps someone can clear that up.

If there was no storm front on Rachel’s buggy, I guess it could have entered through the front.  Or perhaps through a side opening, or even the top, though you’d think that would leave a hole.  I imagine these questions will be answered soon enough.

Regardless, I hope the family can take some small comfort from the news.  They probably could use some prayers right now, and I imagine the hunter, who is also a member of an Amish church, could too.


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