Among the Amish, rugmaking is a thriving cottage industry that goes hand-in-hand with quilting and cloth handiwork.

Amish craftspeople often create rugs from scraps left over from quilting or making clothes.  They come in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles as you can see below.

Here’s an example from an Amish quilt shop at New Wilmington, Pennsylvania:

Amish Rug

These rugs are from the Amish community at Camden, Michigan:

Amish Rugs Michigan

And finally Tom has some shots of rugs sold in a New York Amish quilt shop:

Red Amish Rug

Amish Rug Shop

A rug is what you get when you go into an Amish shop to buy a quilt, see the prices, and think “maybe next time”. It’s the consolation prize of Amish textile shopping. Nothing wrong with that though–floors need prettying up too.

If your floor’s looking a little bare, Amish Workshops has a cool selection of affordable hand-woven Amish rugs.

Anyone own an Amish rug?  I got mine in Big Valley, Pennsylvania.  Who knows, it may be the only Amish-made rug in Poland.

Michigan Amish rug photo: Katie Whitney/flickr

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