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Lancaster Amish QuiltA thriving cottage industry of quilt-making exists in the Amish settlement of Lancaster and Chester Counties in southeastern Pennsylvania. The Amish tradition of quilt-making is one that has been passed down among Amish women through the decades. Though not all Lancaster Amish women are quilters, new generations of quilt artists continue to learn the old techniques of stitching, knitting, and quilting. These skills capture Amish identity in a symbol recognizable worldwide, carrying with it a trace of the culture and heritage of the Amish people.

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Amish quilts are made by single craftswomen, or more often in tandem with others. With the rise of quilting as a business, some Lancaster County Amish craftswomen farm out work to others, such as the piecing or applique work, in order to produce quilts more efficiently and at a more reasonable cost.

Reflective of the large amount of work that goes into each piece, full-size Amish-made quilts typically fetch $1000 or more. Smaller size quilts, wall hangings and crib quilts can be had for significantly less.

Amish hand-made quilts traditionally come in simple dark or bold colors, and characteristic geometric shapes and patterns.  Classic designs include the Tumbling Blocks, Lone Star, Center Diamond, and Wedding Ring quilts.  However many Amish women have begun crafting quilts outside of the classic designs to appeal to a more contemporary market.

There are many Amish quilts shops in Pennsylvania concentrated in the Lancaster County area within easy reach of Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington DC, Wilminton DE, and other cities in the region (see listings below).  You can also view other PA Amish quilt shops

Lancaster Amish Quilt Shops

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Leola area

Cottage Country Crafts
275 Manchester Street
Manchester, PA 17345
Manchester Cottage Country Crafts features a wide range of products from Amish-made quilts to small signs and framed items. A broad selection of quilted wall hangings and quilts includes a variety of patterns such as Lone Star, Peacock, Autumn Splendor and more. Each piece crafted by Amish women.

Country Lane Quilts
221 S. Groffdale Rd.
Leola, PA 17540
Amish-owned shop (Chris & Katie Stoltzfus). Quilts, quillows, pillows and more available.  Credit card payment accepted.

Riehl’s Quilts and Crafts
247 East Eby Road
Leola, PA 17540
(717) 656-0697
Handcrafted quilts, wall hangings, pillows, and more on the farm of a Lancaster Amish family.

Antique Quilt Source
3064 Bricker Road
Manheim, PA 17545
(717) 492-9876
This northern Lancaster County-area store has been in business for 25 years. They carry Amish and Mennonite made quilts in multiple patterns, sizes and colors including Lone Star with Swag, Sunshine and Shadow, Amish Cake Stand and more.

New Holland area

Obie’s Country Store
H. W.Oberholzer & Son
P.O. Box 69
1585 Main Street
Goodville, PA 17528
Quilts, gifts, wall hangings, fabrics, dolls, unusual crafts and more available.

Smuckers Quilts
117 N. Groffdale Road
New Holland, PA 17557
Smuckers Quilts carries quilts hand-crafted by over three dozen local Amish and Mennonite women. Quilt styles include Wedding Ring, Broken Star, Country Bride, Whig Rose, Log Cabin and more, available in a range of size options and colors.

Quilts of Shady Maple
133 Toddy Drive
East Earl, PA 17519
Amish-made quilts in many patterns from solid Amish classics to contemporary styles. Bed quilts, quilted wall hangings, crib quilts among other items such as pillows, quillows, rugs, baskets, quilt racks and more.


Bird-in-Hand area

Creative Home Shoppe
2710 Old Philadelphia Pike
Bird-in-Hand, PA 17505
Creative Home Shoppe carries Amish-made quilts, soaps, candles, lotions, and quillows.

Fabric & Quilt Shack
3137 Old Philadelphia Pike
Bird in Hand, PA 17505
(717) 768-0338
The Fabric & Quilt Shack sells Amish and Mennonite-made selection of quilts in several different styles.

Log Cabin Quilt Shop
2679 Old Philadelphia Pike
Bird in Hand, PA 17505
(717) 393-1702
Log Cabin Quilt Shop carries a big choice of quilt designs, colors, fabrics and sizes, all hand-sewn by Amish. Pillows, quillows, wall quilts, throws available as well.

Old Country Store
3510 Old Philadelphia Pike
Intercourse, PA 17534
(717) 768-7101
Some Amish-made quilts available in Traditional and Modern styles. Quilts can be made to order.

Sylvia Petersheim Quilts
2544 Old Philadelphia Pike
Bird in Hand, PA 17505
(717) 392-6404
Sylvia Petersheim Quilts has been in business since 1982. This shop features a variety of Amish-made crafts and custom-made quilts in numerous color combinations.

Gap area

Country Gift and Thrift Shoppe
5602 Old Philadelphia Pike
Gap, PA 17527
Amish-crafted quilts available in common patterns and sizes.

Gordonville area

Esh’s Handmade Quilts & Crafts
3829 Old Philadelphia Pike
Gordonville, PA 17529
Esh’s Handmade Quilts & Crafts is an Amish-owned and operated business that carries a range of Amish-crafted quilts in common designs and sizes.

Lancaster area

Almost Amish
Lampeter, PA 17537
(717) 983-0145
An extensive choice of quilt patterns such as Autumn Splendor, Bargello, Baskets, Broken Star, Double Wedding Ring, Drunkard’s Path, Framed Compass Star, Heart & Nine Patch, Kaleidoscope, Star in Double Irish Chain and more available in king, queen, California king or full sizes. All of their quilts are carefully stitched by Amish women using the finest fabrics.

Amish Country Quilts
633 Millcross Road
Lancaster, PA 17601
Amish crafted quilts in traditional colors (black, purple, green, red, blue, solid & off white). Bed quilts, crib quilts, quilted wall hangings, custom quilts in a variety of designs. Each quilt is hand-sewn and pieced.

Forever Amish Made
Lancaster County, PA
A broad selection of handcrafted Amish quilts such as Homespun Square, Wedding Ring, Feathered Star, Triple Irish Chain, Autumn Wind styles and more.

Hannah Stoltzfoos Quilts and Handmades
216 Witmer Rd.
Lancaster, PA 17702
Carries Amish-crafted quilts, gifts and crafts. Located in a small corner of the house.

Ronks area

Countryside Road-Stand
2966 Stumptown Road
Ronks, PA 17572
Amish roadside stand also selling hand-made products such as quilts and canned goods.

Dutchland Quilt Patch
2851 Lincoln Highway East
Ronks, PA 17572
(717) 687-0534
Dutchland Quilt Patch provides Amish-made quilts in a broad selection of patterns perfect for bed, wall or crib, including Broken Star, Colorado Star, Country Rose and more. Dutchland’s Amish-stitched quilts come in solid blue, green, burgundy, peach or purple colors. Over 7,000 fabrics available.

J & B Quilts and Crafts
157 North Star Road
Ronks, PA 17572
J and B provides handmade quilts, aprons, hoops, wall hangings and more.

Lapp’s Quilts & Crafts
206 N. Star Road
Ronks, PA 17572
Carries hand-made quilts, crafts and fabrics.

The Quilt Shop at Miller’s
2811 Lincoln Hway. East (Route 30)
Ronks, PA 17572
The Quilt Shop at Miller’s features Amish and Mennonite quilts in dozens of different patterns, colors and sizes, made form high quality fabrics by skilled Amish women from Lancaster Country.


Quarryville area

Amish Quilts and more
19 Mount Airy Road
New Providence, PA 17560
(717) 786-0368
A range of Amish quilt designs including Star Amish Quilts, Log Cabin Amish quilts, Patchwork, Sampler, Wedding Ring, Whole Cloth, Embroidered, small and crib quilts available in a range of designs. Each quilt is Amish-made from high quality fabrics and materials. Pillows and quillows also available for sale in this shop in southern Lancaster County.

Note to prospective Amish quilt buyers: Please double-check business hours of Amish quilt dealers listed here. Business locations and availability can change. Amish-owned businesses will always be closed on Sundays.  Non-Amish quilt dealers in some cases may be open. Not responsible for changes to the above information.  View full national Amish quilt retailers listings.

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Sunshine & Shadow quilt photo: puzzler4879/flickr

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