On a post last week, Maureen asked where to find clothesline wheels. C.J. added:

I too, would be interested in knowing where a wheel could be purchased and if they come in varying sizes. Do any hardware stores carry them, and could they be ordered online?

Reader “Along 340” shared two favorite resources in reply – Lehman’s, and Good’s Store in Lancaster County. I’ve already mentioned Lehman’s as a source for this in a previous post (6 Lehman’s Products Used By The Amish).

Along 340 visited Good’s Store (East Earl location) in the meantime, and has some photos from the store and additional info for those of you interested in clothesline wheels. The other items here are things you’d see Amish use as well. Note: the wheels listed at Lehman’s are described as “made by local Amish craftsmen”; as for the products pictured here, I don’t know.

We can see quite a few laundry drying items for sale in these photos. First, the clothesline pulley wheel:

The price on this model is $52.99. That compares similarly to the Lehman’s offer, where a set with two wheels is about $120. This model is without a brake. There is also a smaller 12-inch size hanging below this one in the photo, for $49.99.

A circular homemade clothes dryer:

The price is $49.99.  It’s not the only model. Here’s a different design for $36.99:

Here is a Heavy Duty Clothesline T-Post (4 feet wide by 9 feet high):

The price tag says $149.95.

These look like baby’s dresses of some sort, but that’s not what they are. Along 340 explains:

the little item that looks like a child’s dress on a hanger is actually a handmade clothespin sack to store your clothespins in. It hangs on to wherever is most convenient near the clothesline for you to dip your hand in and grab your clothespins out of. Amish girls may make these as little projects. Like potholders, they are usually made from fabric scraps and can often be found at dry goods stores, fabric shops, and other little roadside stands.

These can be had for $10.99 apiece.

A standard clothespin bag for $4.59 and 24 pins on sale for $12.99.

There are more items here that I don’t see prices for, such as this wooden extendable clothes rack:

So there you have it, a nice look at not only clothesline pulley wheels, but also other laundry drying items popular with Amish. A thank you to Along 340 for sharing with us. Good’s Store actually has four SE PA locations (East Earl, Quarryville, Ephrata, Schaefferstown). Looks like you can also order at least some of this online as well at their website.

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