These days, wherever you go in Amish America you’ll see signs alerting you to all those good things that come out of Amish gardens–green beans, tomatoes, strawberries, cucumbers, onions, and the like.

They’re a happy excuse to pull the car over, pick up something healthy for the table, and maybe chat a bit with an Amish housewife or her children.

For the families, these roadside mini-businesses are a great way to offload surplus produce and pocket a little extra coin for the household. And these handmade signs are all the advertising that need be done.

They have a certain look to them–hand-lettered, and often made from what looks like a piece of scrap wood or other material.

Here’s a typical example. You’ve surely seen something like this if you’ve been to an Amish community or two. Tomatoes can be had, but if you wanted strawberries, try another time:


And here’s another. Nothing odd about this one. Rhubarb that-a-way, go get it:


But here’s one I can’t recall ever seeing in an Amish community:


Must have been a bumper crop this season.

Actually, if you’re wondering, some golf does go on among Amish, though I wouldn’t call it the quintessential Amish sport.

Contributor ShipshewanaIndiana, who took these photos, shares that he sees it in the Elkhart-Lagrange, IN community: “One of my parents’ Amish neighbors like to practice driving balls into the field behind my dad’s house. Β Our kids like to go look for his lost balls.”

He is surprised to see this sign in Adams County, Indiana, however, which is where these photos were taken.

Update: Reader Primitive Christianity reminds me of a photo he sent a few weeks ago, taken in Ohio, which he’s titled “Fore!”


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