amish mural florida

An Amish-themed mural in the Pinecraft neighborhood of Sarasota, Florida

I recently came across a few images of Amish-themed murals.  This first one is found on Bahia Vista boulevard in the Florida Amish community at Pinecraft, Sarasota.

I’m not really an art person, but I usually enjoy murals when I meet them in my travels.  Maybe it’s just the element of the unexpected, in finding a massive piece of artwork outdoors.

I also like how murals are usually a little rough around the edges.  I suppose the imperfections have much to do with the uneven surface artists must work with–often brick or cinder-block walls.

Not to mention their constant exposure to the elements.

amish mural indiana

An attention-getting Amish mural advertisement in Montgomery, Indiana

The Holmes County, Ohio settlement is a place with a good deal of murals, or mural-style art, for instance at the Sugarcreek McDonald’s or Guggisberg Cheese near Charm.

The McDonald’s art, a winter buggy scene, greets you as you pass by the wall of the drive-thru.  For that matter, Sugarcreek seems to have fully embraced mural paintings, with numerous spots in the town featuring the outdoor art.

Also in Holmes County, Behalt is technically an indoor cyclorama, but probably the best-known–and largest–example of art featuring Amish subjects.

Painted by a German artist, Behalt is a pictorial representation of Anabaptist history.  You enter the large circular room with a guide who explains the various events portrayed in the enormous painting.

I have been racking my brain trying to recall other examples of Amish-themed art I’ve seen around the country.  Help me if you can!
Image credit: Pinecraft mural-Richard Elzey; Indiana mural-Cindy Seigle

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