Q-and-A with Amish Mom & Author Delilah Byler (Book Giveaway)

Today’s Q-and-A and book giveaway are a bit different from most previous editions, for two reasons.

First, the author is Amish mom Delilah Byler. Delilah kindly answered some questions about her book and family for us today.

Second, the book is called Where Are Aldo’s Treasures?, and it is a children’s book.

Delilah created this search-and-find book from her own experience as a mother of 8 children. I believe this is the first children’s picture book we’ve featured here.

The concept is simple and fun: Aldo the Owl is the guide and the children’s task is to find the “hidden” objects in the two-page picture spreads.

Enter to Win a Copy of Where Are Aldo’s Treasures?

The good folks at JPV Press are giving away a copy of Where are Aldo’s Treasures? to one Amish America reader.

If you’d like to enter, just leave a comment on this post. I’ll choose a winner at random, and announce it here next week.

Thanks to the JPV team as well for coordinating getting the questions  answered with Delilah, since she’s not online.

Q-and-A with Where Are Aldo’s Treasures Author Delilah Byler

I asked Delilah some questions about this book and her experience below. I hope you enjoy.

Amish America: How did you get the idea for this book?

Delilah Byler: I was always looking for ways to keep my children occupied while I was busy cooking, etc. so I came up with this idea.

I have had a list of page ideas for a long time. Every time I had an idea I would write it down. You should see my list now. 🙂

How did you come up with the character Aldo?

Delilah: The team at my publisher came up with the idea.

How long did it take you to create it? How did it work putting it together with the photos, design, etc.?

Delilah: It took a while, several hours to set up; my daughters helped me. We set everything up on tables the way we wanted each spread to look. Landon, the photographer, took the photos, and the publisher did the rest of the layout.

It worked well putting everything together. We just had a mess to clean up when we were done. The publisher and I are working on the details to do book two.

How many in your family?

We have 8 children. 4 boys and 4 girls. Billy=25, Karen (married to Norman), Rhoda (married to Enos), Marlin (married to Susie), Betty=19, Ruthie=17, David=11, Paul=4. And we have one grandson, Danny, and another grandbaby on the way.

Can you tell us about your background? Are you a full-time mom? Any other jobs or hobbies?

I grew up in PA, moved to NY, and then after we were married about a year we moved to Ohio. I am a full time mom.
I love to curl up on the couch and read a good book.

What kind of feedback and response have you gotten about the book?

Everyone thinks it’s really neat. Children spend lots of time looking at it. They can’t wait for the next one.

By your impression is the book more popular with Amish families or non-Amish?

Both equally.

What do you think children like about the book? What about parents?

Children like the challenge. Parents like it because it keeps children occupied and entertained. A bonus is good clean content.

What do you think are the most important lessons parents should teach their children?

Teach them about God, and to be respectful to their elders.

You can get a copy of Where Are Aldo’s Treasures? at JPV Press and other places.

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  1. John May

    Wonder Book

    I love the idea of Childrens books having a range of creative pictures and things are good Lord put on this Earth for everyone to enjoy. I believe Delilah has hit on a topic every child not only will enjoy,but definitely every adult will also enjoy. Keep up the wonderful ideas Delilah. Your definitely got talent.

  2. Mary Lou Moeller


    I don’t think I’ve ever heard that name used among the Amish. Is it used in other Amish areas for children or pets?

  3. Lydia Good

    Love this idea of a book for kids

    This is a wonderful idea that Delilah came up with. It delights me that an Amish mother will be successful, all the while taking care of her home and children. There is lots of talent in the Amish community. It only needs to be found. And if I were the lucky person to get the book, my great grands would love it. I’ve never heard of this publisher. One wonders if eventually the book will be on Amazon or other major book sellers. I’ll bet it would be a smash hit. The cover catches your eye and is cute. 48 pages of cuteness. Kids will love it. https://jpvpress.com/product/where-are-aldos-treasures/

    1. Lucinda

      It’s already on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Where-Aldos-Treasures-Delilah-Barkman/dp/1946389064/ref=sr_1_2?keywords=aldo%27s+treasures&qid=1551489596&s=gateway&sr=8-2

  4. Lydia Good

    Don't think it's an Amish name

    I’ve never heard of this name in the Amish community. No doubt the publisher came up with the title….. another take on Where’s Waldo?

  5. Patricia D Bowers

    The Wonder of Aldo!

    I am a soon to be 64 year old child! I love children’s books, especially those that tell of God’s creation and our stewardship of that creation. I also love them, especially the “search” books, because I have dementia and I find that, although there is a degree of difficulty for me, they are still simple enough to keep me looking…..and wondering! Thank you, Delilah, for these books! God bless you!

  6. My Mother

    This may be a book made for children but I believe my Mother would enjoy it. We have just placed her on Hospice care she is stage 4 cancer and loves word search etc. to keep her busy.

  7. Pam Kedderis

    My goddaughter’s twin boys are turning four years old next month, and this book would be perfect for them.

  8. Melissa F.

    I would love to be entered to win a copy of this book! My grandchildren and myself would thoroughly enjoy this. Aldo is absolutely adorable and I am sure he will be well received by children and adults alike. Congratulations to Delilah and thanks for the chance to win. Take care.

  9. Doug

    This will be a great book for children and adults too.

  10. phyllis Jost


    where to buy and cost

  11. Carolyn

    What a cute book to be a major pastime and quiet time in young lives.
    Children who are lucky enough to live in print rich environments will take a shine to Aldo and his quirky glasses and big smile. And even if that is the only book of a few a child may have, it will keep that child guessing for a long long time. Great concept, great title, and adults just might like it too!

  12. Sharone Ketterman

    Associate Pastor, Community of Christ and Great Grandmother

    I would love to purchase this book.
    When/where is that possible?
    Did I miss it up above?

    Wasn’t sure about Mail.
    Physical address is – 31806 64th Ave E
    Eatonville WA 98328-9794

    1. Lydia Good

      Where to buy Where Are Aldo's Treasures?

      Found it on the publisher’s site….JPV Press

      Also found it on Amazon

  13. Maureen


    What better way than to keep God in a child’s mind and stress respect to elders children know and trust; Delilah Byler seems to have done just that with her lovely book with simple, interesting illustrations and Amish tenants. We all will agree, not enough emphasis is given to God and family values., as well as encouraging children to read.

    Thank you Delilah, can’t wait for your next wonderful good book! Godspeed to you and your family.


    I am a Grandma that likes Children books. I have two grandbabies (grandson 2 years old and granddaughter 1 year old). I have been collecting books for them. I read to them now. I am really wanting to read your book. Thank you for your Children books! God Bless You Always!

  15. Lucia Wrape Hopple

    Early Childhood Montessori teacher

    I love “I Spy” books and the page design looks like children can investigate on their own.I like to teach children to notice details and observe the world around them.

  16. Publishing

    Congratulations! Can you tell us anymore about the publishing process and plans for marketing and sales?

  17. Steve Myers

    Great book

    We raised six children and love this type of book. With 15 grandchildren and seven (One coming) great-grandchildren, it could go miles in reading. Plus a church full of kids!

  18. Suzanne Sellner

    I work part time at a Kumon learning center, an after-school enrichment and tutoring program in reading and in math, with the youngest students. They love checking out books from our little library; one of the favorites of the pre-readers/early readers is the search-and-find type of books with a few words. I would love to please this book in the library of our Kumon. Thank you for featuring it.

  19. Joan Tuttle

    Love this

    My granddaughter loves books and loves, also, to draw (and she is so good at it) that this book would be perfect for her.

  20. Karen sparano

    I would love this book for my niece. She loves owls.

  21. kim hansen

    Looks like a fun book to share with my grandkids.

  22. Beverly Merkel

    Looks like an interesting book to explore with my grandchildren. Thanks for the opportunity to win this book.

  23. Jewell M Schaefer


    I am a retired teacher and I loved teaching the little ones. This book looks so interesting that I want to read/look at it! This is wonderful information for anyone and I love the pictures of real items created by God. I will get one of these books for my grad-daughter’s first birthday which happens to be March 2! Looking forward to book 2!

  24. Ashley

    What a neat idea for a children’s book

  25. Grace McCain

    How cute!

    Thank you for sharing about this cute book, and giving us the opportunity to win a copy!

  26. Tina Bolyard

    My grand daughter would love this book.I Love to read about the Amish and the way they live.

  27. Michael Land

    Aldo draw

    Sounds like a wonderful book. Would love to have it.

  28. Diane Sattazahn

    Wise Young Owl

    What a blessing to have a children’s book with a cute owl as tutor! Looks like children could be occupied for hours and adults would appreciate the good, clean fun.

  29. Lorna Klotzbach

    This sounds like a wonderful book. I shop at a store in Conawango Valley, NY and I often buy Amish children’s books bc of their God references and farm-related content. They are a delight. I hope that this one is successful and that it spreads throughout both the Amish and English communities.

  30. lisa moore

    Q and A with Amish

    Love reading your post

  31. Heidi

    What a neat book!

  32. Michelle Conti


    Looks like a wonderful book 🙂

  33. Robert Openshaw

    Perfect book for a non verbal child

    I have Amish friends who have a six year old child in Lancaster county who is non verbal. I think that this picture book would be ideal for him to learn his words.

  34. Lynn OKeefe

    Love the idea for a book

    I love the photography! This will be my “go to” when I need to purchase baby shower gifts. It would be my pleasure to bless an Amish Family by purchasing copies of this book. Thank you!

  35. Eugenia McQueen

    Great to share

    We have 27 great-grandchildren. Would love to share this book with one of them.

  36. Cathy Strzyinski


    What a wonderful idea! We have 2 grandchildren and 1 on the way, I’m sure they would love this book too. Blessings in all you do, Cathy

  37. Denise Flynn

    Awesome Book

    My grandchildren (and me) would enjoy/love/treasure this book. It’s beautiful. My maternal side is PA Dutch and I have a deep, deep admiration for the Amish.

  38. Love the cover!

    What ages would you suggest for this book? I have 4 grandchildren. I love the cover and I’m happy to see it was created by an Amish mother. Thanks for taking the time to do this book, Delilah and so wonderful you are blessed with 8 children. We have 6.

  39. What a wonderful book – interesting, and so different with the pages being photographed rather than drawn. something i would love to do with my grandchildren

    1. Oops, somehow my name got left off – 🙁

  40. Susan Campbell

    Q&A with Amish mom & author Delilah Byler (book giveaway)

    I can’t wait to read this with Gavin.

  41. Veronica Cirone

    This looks like a great book filled with lots of fun for us and the grandchildren. Thanks for the chance to win a copy!!

  42. B. Heil

    What Fun!

    Let the children have fun and teach them about God and to respect their elders. Sound words.

  43. Carol Erb

    Fun to share!

    Would love to share this book with a very special little one.

  44. Michelle Williams

    What a Lovely Book Idea

    My children would love a book like this! It is encouraging to me as a stay at home mom that another busy SAHM can still use her creative talents to write a book even with all the demands of homemaking (something I have always wanted to do). Maybe someday I will write my own ;).

  45. Book by Delila

    Fantastic! 😉

  46. Carol St Hilaire

    About the book

    I would love to give a copy of your book to my grandson.

  47. Susan Abbott

    Loving this

    I am a teacher and love the idea of an interactive book, something that engages the mind and doesn’t allow the child to sit back and not participate. I have a number of Amish friends and love that this book is appropriate for both my Amish friend’s children and my own nieces and nephews. It can be so difficult to find books that work for both Amish and “English” children that they can enjoy together. Thanks Delilah!

  48. Michelle Stutzman
  49. monique hornsby


    I am a Cub Master for a Pack of 5-11 year olds in Middlefield, OH. They would love using this book in our lessons. Thank you for taking the time to publish this gem.

  50. Mary Herrnstein

    Where Are Aldo's Treasures?

    I think my babies would love this book. Thank you for the chance to win a copy!