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One of my favorite experiences when visiting Amish friends is relaxing to the gentle melodic tinkling sound of wind chimes while sitting on the back porch.

Buy Amish-made wind chimes

1. 50″ Hummer Wind Chime
2. 46″ Dutch Bell Wind Chime
3. 82″ Big Ben Wind Chime
4. 48″ Mountain Serenade Wind Chime
5. 37″ Zephyr Valley Wind Chime
6. 65″ Church Bell Wind Chime
7. 41″ King David’s Harp Wind Chime
8. 35″ Spring Meadow Song Wind Chime

Wind chimes just make life better

There is something about the sound of wind chimes that is both mesmerizing and soothing. Chimes produce noise not in patterns but randomly by the whims of the wind.

amish landscape lancaster

Still this creates a calming and peaceful effect. I fondly recall listening to these chimes at an Amish friend’s home on a sunny afternoon following church service.

In today’s hectic world filled with tech gadgets and constant demands on our time, many people pine for the peace that wind chimes can bring to a backyard hideaway or heard through the kitchen window while doing the day’s chores.

Here you can hear an example of what I’m talking about in this Youtube video:

Or this one, with the backdrop of chirping birds:

Or if you really want to immerse yourself in the sound, here is an hourlong track of chimes in a light wind:

The Amish make and enjoy wind chimes

Amish people both make wind chimes and have them at their homes. They are people who appreciate nature and being outdoors, so as a product it is a natural fit.

There are a number of Amish companies who produce these wind chimes. One is called Lambright Country Chimes. They are based in northern Indiana (Shipshewana area) in the 3rd-largest Amish settlement.

Below we’ve got some examples of Amish-made wind chimes found on Amazon. Most are sourced to Lambright. If you’re looking for a wind chime produced by the Amish, but can’t visit an Amish manufacturer directly, this is a good option. You get Amish quality, with the service and convenience of ordering via Amazon.

Wind Chimes – Sizes and Types

Wind chime tubes are typically made from aluminum (for durability, lightness and sound quality) and have a powder coating (powder coating is typically more durable than a conventional paint coating). They come in a variety of colors (check the specs of the individual model you are interested in). Popular colors are copper, bronze, terra, black and mocha.

Wind chimes come in a variety of sizes. Wind chimes typically consist of 4-7 tubes, varying from about a half-inch to 1.5 inches in diameter. The tubes may be both round or square.  You can find quite short chimes – even mini chimes just a few inches long – to chimes taller than the average person.

Square tubes of the 46″ Dutch Bell wind chime with striker visible. Textured Mocha color

You hang the chime under a porch or other overhang which is exposed to wind. The wide windcatcher which hangs down at the bottom of the central string does exactly what the name says – catches the wind and in turn moves the striker piece located halfway up, which strikes the chimes.

The differently-sized chimes produce noises in different pitch and tone. A larger windchime (wider and longer) is going to make a deeper, richer and more resonant sound. A smaller chime (narrower and shorter) will make higher-pitched sounds.

Buy Amish-made Wind Chimes

We’ve got several options available on Amazon which you can check out, based on your budget and what kind of sound you are looking for.

1. 50″ Hummer Wind Chime

1. Here you have the Hummer Wind Chime. It is a 50″ model made from aluminum and having an attractive, rich “Terra” finish (a dark brown/bronze is how I’d describe it).

This is listed as an “Amazon’s Choice” product and has just several reviews but a 5-star rating at the time of writing.

This is a larger chime which is described as follows: “the touch of deep mellow tones the tinkling of a brook.”

Customers who purchased this wind chime seem quite pleased. Here are a couple of their comments on this model:

I have wanted a deep toned windchime for 30 years. I saw this windchime in Shipshewana, Indiana where they are made, but didn’t get it. I was so very happy to see it on Amazon. It is amazing, fantastic, awesome, etc. Makes my patio sound like a Zen Garden.

And simply:

Beautifully made, lovely sound.

If that sounds good, check it out here on Amazon:


2. 46″ Dutch Bell

This is a slightly smaller model in a similar price range. The Dutch Bell has two interesting features – square tubing, and striker and chime tops made from recycled milk jugs.

The color scheme is an attractive Mocha.


As with others this model comes with a lifetime warranty. Made by Amish in Indiana.

3. 82″ “Big Ben” Chime

Here is a massive wind chime which is going to produce some of the deepest tones – It weighs just under 21 pounds.

One happy owner writes that “We have it hung from the beam outside on the rafter. It’s definitely awesome … love it so much!”

This model uses recycled milk jugs to make the strikers and chime tops (this large model has two strikers). Made by the Amish craftsmen of Lambright Country Chimes.

Another owner says that: “I have purchased two of these chimes. They have the most amazing sound that reminds me of a grandfather clock. Very beautiful.”

Due to its weight, it needs to be securely hung. If you’re in the market and have the space for a nearly seven-foot tall chime, the Big Ben might be the choice for you:


4. 48″ Mountain Serenade Wind Chime

Here’s a sample of what the Mountain Serenade model sounds like. Pretty nice:


This four-foot chime has square tubing and comes in an attractive dark tone. This one is at the time of writing priced significantly lower than similar-length models.

5. 37″ Zephyr Valley Wind Chime

This smaller, round-tubed chime set has a more rustic metal look.

A five-tube budget-friendly chime.

6. 65″ Church Bell Wind Chime

This elegant chime clocks in at over five feet in length. Six square tubes in an elegant bronze color.

Buyers review it as “sound[ing] like a church bell…exactly what they say they are supposed to sound like,” “beautiful”, and “a perfect soothing sound.”

Check it out here:

7. 41″ King David’s Harp Wind Chime

The King David’s Harp model has six rounded tubes in a textured copper shade.

One reviewer describes the sound as “somewhat deep but not too deep.”

8. 35″ Spring Meadow Song Wind Chime

This smaller chime is described as “inspired by nature’s own cheerful calls, gently lifting the spirits.”

A five-rounded tube chime in a granite finish. Budget friendly, and as with all the others here, handcrafted by the Amish.

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