Brenda shares some photos from Carroll County, Tennessee, taken on a recent laundry day. We’ve had a lot of posts on the Ethridge, TN Amish, but not much from the other communities in the Volunteer State.

There are only a few other Amish in Tennessee, and they are quite small settlements, so nice to hear from a lesser-known corner of Amish America.

Amish Tennessee Carroll County

On to the laundry. You can see a few of the pieces that go into getting clothes clean when you don’t use public electricity.

First, water. Brenda explains: “The big kettle is used to heat the water by ‘building a fire’ then carried in pails to the old Maytag, and for whiter laundry.”

Amish Kettle

A close-up of the kettle:

Amish Laundry Kettle

Notes Brenda: “The washing machine is run by a gas motor. Of course, the laundry detergent is homemade.”

Amish Washing Machine

Brenda adds: “The husband is the local Maytag Washer repairman, which he does on Saturday’s or after working at his father in law’s Cabinet Shop each day.”

Now just add sun, and voila, the finished product:

Amish Laundry Line TN


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