A good, comfortable seat is nothing to sneeze at. The more so since we sit so much nowadays, be it for work, in the car, or just using a computer.

I’ve lately been contemplating a new swivel chair for my desk.  The one I’m sitting on as I write this post is a bit thin on the cushion.

My back lets me know about this from time to time.  In the meantime I’ve added a couple of folded-up blankets to try to appease my spine.

Sometimes I work at my “standing desk”, which just means I place my laptop on a bookshelf that happens to be about chest height, a good level for typing on my feet.

This got me thinking about Amish seating.  Amish of course appreciate comfort. The seats they use vary, however, in how comfortable they are.

Below you’ll see various seats, including a hickory bench, rocker, and double rocker, which I took in Mark Curtis’ Ohio home.

If you’ve ever plopped down in one of these, you know how comfortable they can be, despite lacking any cushion whatsoever.  Especially the single rocker model.

Amish Seating

Maybe I need the Amish hickory rocker swivel work chair.  I’ve yet to see that model anywhere, though, and I don’t know if I will.

Kitchen table seats in Amish home are generally not too comfortable.  Often wooden benches are used, similar to those seen in church, another place not known for plush seating.  Maybe this is intentional, to keep you from lingering too long when there is hay yet to make.

And as a family grows, you may just make do with whatever is at hand.  An Amish friends’ little boys take turns parking themselves on a small step-up ladder at mealtime.

In the sitting room, however, you’ll find much more comfortable seating, conducive to long Sunday visits or nodding off after you’ve polished off that last piece of pie.

My favorite spot when I am visiting Amish friends in Lancaster County is a big recliner which essentially gets horizontal, kind of like those fancy first class airplane seats that turn into mini-beds.

It’s easy to fall asleep in, and I think they spend as much time snoozing there as in bed.  You won’t see recliners in all Amish homes, but you will in a lot of them.

Where do you like to sit? Do you have a favorite reading chair?  Work chair? Anytime chair?


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