Amish in Nebraska

amish in nebraska“Nebraska Amish” can mean two things.

More often, it refers to the white-top-buggy-driving Amish group found primarily in central Pennsylvania.

But the past few years have seen the plain population in the actual state of Nebraska rise, with a handful of Amish now living in NE.

Read more about both the Cornhusker State’s Amish, as well as the ultraconservative PA group–and just how they got the geographically-confusing name–in the new state guide entry on Nebraska Amish.

Amish in new locations often rely on small enterprise such as retail shops or woodworking to make a living. Read more on Amish furniture in Nebraska.

Photo credit: Lindsay O’Brien

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  1. Richard

    I think Nebraska is maybe one of those states that you really don’t think of as having any Amish, But because of reasonable land prices there it all makes sense to me. I think their are some Amish who after spending their whole lives on a farm are making the transition away from the farm, those Amish who are going to very rural states like Nebraska are the ones that still have farming in their blood. What’s your thoughts on that Erik, that’s only based on a gut feeling on my part. Richard from Pennsylvania.

  2. Richard

    Also folks the contest on my blog is ending this Saturday June 18. To win tickets or the book “The Amish in their own words” please drop by for details. Thanks folks. Richard from Lebanon,Pa

  3. Karen Pollard

    Richard's Stories

    Richard, I can’t figure out how to subscribe to your regular mailings and comments. When I click on the subscribe area, it opens to show me different social networking sites. Can you explain please?


  4. Richard

    answering Karens question

    Karen i just tried that myself before i leave the house,For example if i pick Yahoo then Amish Stories will appear on that page. I have Yahoo as a home page, so i tried it and it works. Or you can have the blog on AOL page as another example. You can scribe to either the post or the comments, but not both. Id go with the post then when you click on a topic you will go to the blog anyway. I hope this helps you. Id try it and play with that a little, its not hard Karen. Erik if your reading this will you be adding this feature to your web site?, i think its a great idea myself as its just another tool to get your site out there to more people. Richard from Pennsylvania.

  5. sadie

    So … are there any Nebraska Amish in Nebraska? 🙂

  6. Sadie–there are not…just in PA and Ohio for now. But maybe one day they will be inspired to return to their “roots”.

  7. Richard

    A question for Erik......

    Hey Erik welcome back. I was wondering is it possible to receive your web site through a feed?. I’m not seeing that on Amish America, maybe I’m missing it. If you don’t have that, would you ever consider maybe adding it?. Your buddy Richard from little old Lebanon county.