Amish Buying Ice

This ice kiosk is located just south of Shipshewana, Indiana. The person who shares it explains that “it’s fully automated, takes bills and dispenses ice in bags or bulk.”

Though some Amish use ice houses, Amish in this northern Indiana community permit home refrigerators and freezers such as those made by companies like Crystal Cold of Arcola, Illinois, or Shipshewana-area E-Z Freeze.

Update: Not all Amish permit home freezers here however. As in other communities English neighbors may provide freezer facilities.

The person who took the photo has a shed on his property with electricity for Amish neighbors to keep freezers inside, and writes “my neighbors probably use less ice than others who have to travel to the nearest storage locker. I’ve gotten ice for neighbors who were deer hunting and needed to preserve the meat, having church, needing ice to make ice cream, needing ice for drinks at a frolic and to keep soda cool at a business open house.”

UPDATE: Another photo of the same kiosk, from the vending side.

Amish Ice Vending


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