“Amish Country” on the label: Deception or fair game?

“I see this in the food industry.  There’s quite a few organizations here locally that will sell using “Amish”.  And what they’re trying to do is create the perception that it does come from Amish producers.  When it doesn’t.  They don’t explicitly say so, they just say “Amish Country this”, “Amish Country that,”…”Amish” is big, “Country” is small.  So, the customer that buys this, his perception…is this comes from an Amish farm or an Amish producer.  And it isn’t.

“Okay now all of a sudden we have product that does come from Amish farms, exclusively from Amish farms.  So it creates sort of a dilemma.  Because to a lot of consumers it’s important where their food comes from today.  Because they’re concerned about not just the quality, but also the integrity of the product.”

The person who said this is a veteran Amish entrepreneur I interviewed for my Amish business book back in 2007.

amish country cafe
Amish Country, Japan

“Amish” can be a big selling point.  On a product, it can mean things like “all-natural”, “traditional”, “integrity”, “high-quality”, “craftsmanship”, and so on.  Pretty much all positives.

More than that though, “Amishness” is a unique quality inherent to the people themselves.  Key to it is the idea of authenticity.  People purchase Amish products to take away–to experience–a little piece of an admired culture.

So if businesses are selling on the Amish name, but aren’t “Amish” in any legitimate sense (products, employees, ownership), aren’t consumers getting shortchanged?  Or even…deceived?

At the same time, I wonder if language makes a difference here.  As my Amish interviewee notes above, these non-Amish sellers understand the impression they are trying to create.

However, “Amish Country” identifies a geographical place.  Even though something reads “Amish Country”, not everything with that label is “sanctified” by the Amish.  And I’m not sure we should expect it to be.

amish country choppers
Boys get their first chopper at age 16

And should we fault those who live in “Amish Country” and make a living because of it?  Certainly, they benefit from tourism–as do Amish.  But non-Amish have to deal with negative side effects like traffic and tourist crowds too (not to mention manure and slow buggies on the roads).

Amish themselves have different views.  Some seem not to be bothered.  Others more so.  As another Amishman puts it : “If we here in this county would get 1% of the sales, of everything that’s used “Amish” or “Dutch” with it, that would be a good income.”  His wife adds:  “We feel the Amish life isn’t just about how we make things.  It’s about the faith that we have…We feel it’s not right to use Amish just so we can sell something.  Not everybody feels that way.  And it’s okay.”

So–using “Amish Country” when you’re not really “Amish”–deceptive, fair game, or…something else?

And…anyone come across “odd” examples of using the Amish name to sell a product?
Photo credits: Amish Country, Japan-Todd; Amish Country Choppers-amishchoppers.com

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    1. Alice Aber

      Good night Richard!! Sure hope you don’t wake up to a lot of snow tomorrow,,, I’d hate to have to tell you NO, I won’t help you shovel, LOL 😀

      Sweet dreams Richard!! Take care my dear ornery friend, LOL

      Blessings, Alice

    2. RICHARD

      i almost went off, i was going to read my post again, i do that sometimes, im sure its not only me, right,lol.what can i say, im my biggest fan,lol. im glad you were not mad alice, now get some sleep so you could shovel your drive-way,lol……. even with a spell checker i still made a mistake on that other post, i think i need a spell checker for my spell checker………. good night folks…… and its snowing as i sign-off………. richard, lebanon,pa

    3. Alice Aber

      hahahahahaaaaa good I am glad it is snowing there Richard. The snow here has stopped. So now I can laugh while YOU shovel YOUR driveway tomorrow, LOL

      Have a good night Richard!!

      Love ya my friend! 😀 And I’ll be loving it tomorrow when you are shoveling, LOL.

      Alice who is laughing herself all the way into the bedroom, LOL LOL hahahaha

    4. RICHARD

      good morning folks…… looks like ive got alittle snow to shovel, i wish i could blow it back over to alice.alot of comments on this topic, and with no book give-away either,(wow)lol. ill try and drop by later as ive got to leave for the day, dont forget to check out the web site http://www.amishphoto.com. the pictures on there are really something……… richard, penn

    5. Barb

      Interesting discussion. Here in Lancaster County, the Amish are part of the deceptive descriptions in the selling of quilts. They will be advertised as “Amish quilts”, however, most of the applique is done by Hmong ladies, and much piecing is done by Mennonite ladies. But they are sold by Amish in Amish cottage businesses, causing the tourist who isn’t familiar with quilt terminology to think they are buying a quilt “made by Amish”, when in fact it is only “quilted by Amish”. The piecing and/or applique might be done by Hmong or Mennonite — and you can’t tell who made it by looking at it. So it isn’t just the non-Amish taking advantage of the Amish brand name in their marketing. The Allentown Morning Call wrote a series of articles about this practice a few years ago.

    6. Marilyn in New York

      Hi Alice,
      Yes, I use to full time RV. I really enjoyed it. I spent 6 months here and six months in Florida or whever I wanted to go. When I went and sold at the Gem Shows I would take it with me to stay in, cook meals in it, even had a bathroom in it. If I didn’t know the park I would park the trailer in front of the office and take a walk through. If I didn’t like it-I would pull out and go find another one. I had done what they call dry-docked-stayed at gas stations and even a bowling alley. I wish I never gave up-but my parents got ill and what could I do. I can’t afford a new trailer-probably not even a used one-but I want to go to the RV show in Rochester, NY this weekend-if we don’t get a snow storm. At the gem shows I would park next to the building-a lot of the sellers at the show had trailers or motorhomes and we all lined up. It looked like an RV dealer.
      Marilyn in New York

    7. Alice Aber

      Good morning everyone!!

      I was just sitting back drinking my coffee visualizing my dear friend Richard having to shovel out his looooonnnnggg driveway all by himself and then having to go work. Poor baby, NOT!! LOL 😉

      Marilyn, it sounds like a lot of fun. I had an old Airstream for a while that I lived in fulltime for almost a year. Didn’t go do shows with it, which I would have liked to, but such is life.

      I don’t know what my future holds for me but I would not necessarily rule out full time RVing if that is where God leads me to be. I often thought of traveling to various churches and offering my help. A lot of churches look for volunteers when they are renovating, rebuilding or building for the first time. But it takes money to live on while doing that. So who knows?

      Oh, Richard, I almost forgot to tell you, I did look at that web site last night and it is very nice. Love the pictures! They are so pretty some of them almost don’t seem real in a way.

      Have a good day everyone!
      Blessings, Alice

    8. Marilyn in New York

      Alice, I pulled and stayed at churches. If you have a trailer that is about 1967 or newer they have holding tanks for water and poop. They just plugged me into the church electric and didn’t charge me a thing. I always left a few dollars as a donation to the church. I had to even have trailer open house at one church. Their basketball team was playing and a lot of the kids had never seen the inside of a travel trailer. So I told them to come in and see mine. They came in the front door and went out the back door. They couldn’t believe the stove, refrigerator, bed and bathroom. If I had needed they could have hooked me up to water, but I had my holding tanks so didn’t need it. To me it was cheaper on the road than it is in this apartment. I would love to go to Quartzite show. I always wanted to go there, but never did. Maybe I will make it there someday.
      You have a good day, too,

    9. Alice Aber


      I know I would not have a problem finding free places to stay/camp. Its the cost of gas, insurance, maintenance and food that concerns me. Those things can add up and if you have a break down and need a mechanic there goes a big chunk of your budget. I guess it depends on how much traveling you do. If you sit in one place for 6 months its probably not as bad.

      There are a ton of camp hosting jobs out there. Some pay a little money, some do not. That all depends on how much work you do. State parks tend to not pay but give you a full hook up site. Of course they don’t have you do much either. The one I was at here, all you did was sign campers in and take their fees. The campers came to you so it was not like you even had to chase them down. In exchange you got a full hook up site and a dollar a day.

      Then you can find jobs in the resort style campgrounds where you get an hourly wage and are expected to work so many hours per week. A lot of those won’t work for me because of my fibromyalgia and physical limitations.

      There are so many possibilities out there. But who knows what God will have me do when my work here is finished??

      Blessings, Alice

    10. Marilyn in New York

      I decided I was going to RV, when I was about 5 years old and my Mom took a playmate of mine and me to see Lucille Ball and Dezi Arnz in the Long, long, trailer. When I grew up and got the trailer my parents went with me the first time I went out camping as they had a motorhome. I only had one break down and that was on tow vehicle. The garage dropped what he was doing and worked on my tow vehicle because he said no woman should be stuck some place with a three day weekend starting the next day. As for maintenace-there is little and you can do most of it yourself. The only thing I wouldn’t do is get on the roof-I’d get a man to do that. I belonged to an organization that gave discounts where you parked. I dry-docked sometimes in church parking lots, gas stations, etc. Gas now days is more of a concern, but you use what you travel. I would probably stay some places longer than I did them, if I liked it. Food on the road is what you eat at home. I had a stove and microwave to cook on in my trailer. I don’t know what insurance is now, but it wasn’t too bad when I mine. I did the Gem Shows along the way so that helped. I never looked for work outside of that when I had the trailer, but I had a few short jobs that found me. I happened to be at the right place at the right time. Also some of the parks I stayed in had craft shows so I sold there, too.

    11. Alice Aber

      Marilyn, I know there are a lot of possibiliies out there. I have researched full time RVing for about 15 years now on and off.

      When I talk about maintenance I am talking about both vehicles. The tow vehicle would naturally have more than the trailer but even so, it is something to take into consideration. Oil changes, fluid checks and cleaning, tires and breaks, etc.

      I also had a full kitchen and bathroom in my trailer. When I think about the cost of food though, don’t forget I garden at home, and I bargain shop the grocery stores which you can not always do on the road.

      Income sources can be unreliable if you do not have things lined up in advance and you do not have a fat bank account to tied you over during the leaner times. But over all, I don’t think it would take much for me to go back on the road again.

      If God says, “go”, I am going because I know if He tells me to go He will provide the way to do it. 🙂 Either way, I still like dreaming about it and no I am not really afraid to be out there traveling alone. I never was.


    12. Marilyn in New York

      I did have more money than I do now when I went out on the road-I admitt that. I am not jumping into it. I was just thinking as I want to go some place in the winter and up here in the summer-it would be a good way and I miss it so much. Going where I wanted when I wanted. I am looking at trailers and I feel if the Lord wants me to go things will fall into place. If he doesn’t it won’t. I also thought of moving, but I hate to be in one place like I am now. I would have to make a lot of jewelry to go the shows-I’ve let my self get low. Just don’t let all the worries keep you from doing what the Lord wants you to. Some of these worries never happen. I forgot you garden and you could take a few plants, but you can’t take a whole garden with you. LOL I am still dreaming and looking-that’s all. When I go to the RV shows I won’t go where all the RV Clubs park to come to these shows. I feel I should be there and get tears in my eyes. I just go inside and look at what’s for sale. We are having a bad snow storm coming this way so I may not be able to go. I won’t drive where I don’t have to in the snow. I never worried about being out alone, but these days you have be more careful.

    13. Marilyn in New York

      Alice, I hope I didn’t get pushy. I didn’t mean to get that way. I just talking and I don’t think sometimes. You must do as the Lord wants you and so do I. I am sorry if I offended you in anyway.

    14. RICHARD

      im back folks……. wow, i would have thought Erik would have changed the topic by now. regardless, ill get through this familiar topic again being the master poster that i am. i started reading all the post since i was last on this morning, and im reading about poop and water, and trailers. what the heck is going on here ladys,lol. maybe you 2 ladies could get a RV together and go on a road trip through Americas amish country. get some sponsors to pay for the trip, find some publications to let you submit your articles, and” bam” your on a road trip. put a picture of Eriks book on the side of the rv, he will help promote it, and all the world will be glued to your every movements. im a genius, and i missed my calling……………. make it happen………….. Richard, lebanon,pa

    15. Marilyn in New York

      Hi Richard,
      I write a monthly newspaper just for the apartment complex I live in. I don’t know about writing about a trip. I love that idea though. Maybe we could get copies of Eriks books and sell them along the way for him. If we had some sort of a movie camera we could take pictures along the way-not of the Amish of course, but the places we visit. I do have a camera for my computer, but not one that takes long movies. Camquarter is the name I am thinking of.

    16. RICHARD

      hi marilyn….. i was not kidding about the rv trip. it might be able to get done, its all about the sponsorship to get this thing off the ground. anyone interested reading this finds this idea interesting?. i always say, put something out there, and see what happens………… Richard,penn

    17. Appeal and minuses of RVs

      Whoa I have been away all day, looks like some good discussion going on 🙂 I need to get caught up here. Richard will have a new topic tomorrow but for now I am getting an education on RVs.

      To be honest I think in one sense it would be fun to have an RV (though I’ve never taken a trip in one before) but on the other hand it just seems like a huge burden in some ways–everything from cost of maintenance and operation to sheer physical size (where do you stick the thing! or how do you drive it through town…) But, they have been hugely popular, probably more so in America than anywhere else (I think Germans may be partial to RVs, at least I caught a ride on one once, which is a long story).

    18. Alice Aber

      Marilyn,,,, you were not pushy at all and I was not offended. Sorry you got that impression. Been fighting a migraine since I got up this morning and had to go lay down for a while. And I don’t really worry about those expenses and things but yes, I do want to be prepared as much as possible.

      Richard, I love the idea!! I could write, I think, at least I am willing to give it a good shot. I have both a digital camera and a camcorder.

      Actually, when I was laying down I was thinking about several things. Calendars made from pictures from around the country. Writing about various tourists spots around the country, which could include Amish America, 😉 Cook books featuring various area cuisines. Oh and so much more. So many possibilities!!

      Blessings, Alice

    19. How do you know a product is really Amish?

      Barb thanks for joining our “Amish authenticity” discussion here 🙂 You make a point to keep in mind, that Amish quilts may not be fully made by Amish, with some of the work sourced out to non-Amish as in this example with Hmong in Lancaster County. It again raises the interesting question as to what defines a product as “Amish”.

      In one of the comments above, Bob brought the point up that just because an Amish person is selling it, doesn’t mean he made/grew it, which he found was the case with an Amish vendor’s corn. I don’t know if we should really expect him to have produced it, though. We tend to assume that he did, though, for whatever reason.

      But, the quilt issue. I’ve never purchased an Amish quilt, but if I did, I think I’d want to get one that wasn’t intended for the commercial market.

      I know the article you refer to got quite a reaction. The hand-made quilt is one of 2 or 3 “quintessential” symbols of the Amish. So it’s a bit ironic to think that some, or many, on the market are in some sense “inauthentic” (but again, I find myself asking what does that word exactly mean..?)

    20. Alice Aber

      Erik,,, I used to drive an 18 wheeler for a living. An RV would be a piece of cake. And as I have said, I lived in an Airstream trailer for nearly a year, so that is not a hard adjustment for me either.

      Marilyn, maybe we need to take Erik and Richard with us on a trip, LOL. Teach these young men a lesson or two. 😉

      I need to head to the kitchen for a bit but I will be back.

      Blessings, Alice

    21. Yep, and I drive a Ford Ranger. So that tells you about all you need to know 🙂

    22. Marilyn in New York

      Well. Erike, if we got a motorhome we could use your truck as the tow car. LOL Hey, we’ll take the men along with us. I am sure we can find jobs for them to do. Oh, I have a long-haired chihuahua, can he come along, too. When you go to RV Shows there are people that give lectures on RVing or new items for the latest RV and they got their trailer or motorhome free. They use to get a new one free every couple of years from the company as long as they talked about their rig, etc. In fact they went from dealer to another as the wife was short (like me) and she couldn’t reach cupboards. I can’t remember what the first one was, but the Bounder Company gave the one his wife could reach the cupboards in for free.

    23. RICHARD

      nothing bad about driving a ford ranger, i drive a ford myself, and look how cool i am. speaking of the ford ranger, ford will no longer be making it after the next few years, with no replacement in site for the american market, but that could change.if im part of that RV across amish america thing , ill need to do the driving. Erik could do the writing, and the ladys can do the cooking.this post was sponsored by teds hardware store in lancaster,pa……….. see ladys, if you write it, they will come…… im out for the night- see ya on sat…….. Richard, from the amish the community of lebanon,pa

    24. Marilyn in New York

      Hey Alice,
      You see Richard has us as the cookers. They have never gone RVing before. Wait until something comes up they don’t know how to work on the RV and the shift changes. LOL We’ll have Richard cooking. We have to keep Erik writing.

    25. Marcus Yoder

      Most of the time, if not all the time if they advertise as Amish the person selling is not Amish. The products may be Amish. Been shoveling snow the last two days. Marcus Yoder London,Ohio

    26. Alice Aber


      Erik the rookie driver can be head writer. 😉 Richard? Driver? Umm you need to pass my driving test first!! Then we will decide.

      I don’t mind cooking, I rather enjoy it most of the time and am pretty good at it. I can do photography too.

      Marilyn, you can bring your baby if I can bring mine, LOL. I sure hope they get along. Rusty is a tad bigger than your chihuahua he weighs in around 55 lbs.LOL He is a chow/shepherd mix, very lovable dog. 😀

      Please Marilyn, I am not sure if I want Richard in the kitchen with me, LOL. He said he was going to make a big mess when he tried the cabbage and meatballs, LOL. I think he would be better at doing the maintenance on the vehicles.

      Sounds like we are formulating a plan here, LOL. Too bad I have to get Rusty out for his nightly walk then clean up the kitchen. Just had a good supper. Grilled Ribeyes, sweet corn, macaroni salad and pickled beets.

      Speaking of the beets. I bought these down in Arthur at Beachy’s. They are not local made. They are Jake and Amos brand. I was looking at the label and had to chuckle. The picture is a cartoon that looks like a couple of Amish men bringing in fresh produce from the garden. In very fine print it says, “Amish Style Recipes”, LOL. I would buy them any way because I like the flavor but there ya go, is it deceptive? To a point I would think.

      Here you are buying a product from an Amish store, that at first glance the label makes it look like it is Amish made. Read the print consumers!

      I’ll pop back on a little later when I get my duties taken care of.

      Blessings, Alice

    27. Marilyn in New York

      Hi Alice,
      They always put that in small print. Isn’t that something.

      It’s been a while since I drove, so I’d need a dry run before we left. I enjoy cooking when I have people to cook for, but just for me-I don’t cook like I should.

      Sure you can bring your doggie along. They would get use to each other. Mine dog has a big mouth, but he’s afraid of everything-so he would give in to the bigger dog. Rickie is lovable, too

      Oh, I forgot about Richard’s kitchen, hmmm. Maintenace would be the job for me-I agree.

      Hey, what’s my job??? LOL


    28. Lance

      I have never heard of Hmong. Could someone fill me in on what that is/means?

    29. Hmong people and Lancaster County quilts controversy

      Hi Lance, Hmong are a people from Asia–Laos and some other countries–who have emigrated to the US since I believe the 1970s. A small population lives in Lancaster County. The story which Barb referenced above is about how Hmong apparently do much of the applique work on commercial Lancaster Amish quilts. This came out in a series of news articles a few years back and created some controversy. I’ve got a section on this in my upcoming book.

    30. Richard, Marilyn, Alice, you have got the plan all laid out!

      BTW Alice “Amish-style” is another good one. Kind of reminds me of “based on a true story”.

      Jake and Amos is a big brand as far as these things go, carried in a lot of outlets and sold by Amish as well at market stands. Not an Amish company as far as I can tell.

    31. Alice Aber


      I guess we need a list of your qualifications. Can you read a map? Well wait, that really isn’t necessary any more with GPS today. Hmmm, shared cooking duties? Photography? Oh wait, I know, keeping the guys in line, LOL.

      What do you want to do Marilyn?? We are the bosses in this adventure, we should pick what we want to do and what the guys will have to do, LOL.

    32. I’m compiling a list of labels people can use if they want to tap into Amish appeal without completely crossing the line. Help me if you can 🙂

      “Amish Country”
      “Amish Style”
      “In the Spirit of the Amish”
      “Made near Amish”

    33. Alice Aber

      Erik, I know Beachy’s gets a lot of their supplies from “Dutch Valley Foods”. I have not checked them out thoroughly but I do not believe they are Amish owned, however they might have Amish employees. I am not sure.

      I have bought the Jake and Amos brands many times but got a kick out of the label in light of our discussion on here.

    34. Alice Aber

      “Amish Recipe”
      “Amish Pattern”
      “Like Amish” or “Amish Like”
      “Just like the Amish”

    35. Richard

      since we had talked about amish buggie accidents, heres a story of one i just got from the internet, thank god no one was killed in this one…….PAOLI, Ind. — Authorities say an eight-month-old child was badly injured when a car struck an Amish buggy on a rural road in southern Indiana.

      The Orange County Sheriff’s Department says the crash night on a county road a few miles east of the town of Paoli (pay-OH’-lee) when the car ran into the buggy from in Louisville, were behind.

      The Ky., for treatment of a head injury and was listed Monday in serious condition.

      The othersHerald-Times reports a woman and four children ages 5 and younger in the buggy were hurt in the crash. The youngest was taken to Kosair Children’s Hospital taken to a Paoli hospital, but information Sunday of his injuries wasn’t immediately available. good night for real folks… Richard from lebanon,pa

    36. Alice Aber

      “Made in Pennsylvannia Dutch Amish Country” and every other named Amish area like, “Made in the heart of Illinois Amish Country” etc.

    37. Alice Aber

      Good night Richard!! Sleep well my friend. 😀

    38. Mona

      Trying to get info re: planting potatoes in Illinois, my sister just moved there and her son & family planted potatoes last yr. and they did not grow…they think it was due to Moles….how do you get rid of Moles ? When is the best time to start planting in Illinois? Does anyone know ?

    39. Marilyn in New York

      That accident sounds terrible.

      Let’s see my job. I can cook. I can take pictures, but I am not the best. I can walk the dogs. LOL Either you or I will have to park the RV-if they were never on one before. LOL

      It’s getting so you can’t tell what is suppose to be Amish is Amish.

    40. Marilyn in New York

      Hi Monda,

      Have you tried the library? They may have books to help you. We have a lot of books on farming in our library but again we have a lot of farmers in our area. Also, Cornell University in New York State puts out articles and booklets, but this is New York State.
      Marilyn in New York

    41. Slightly-handled-Order-man

      Amishy is a good word I just coined.

    42. Alice Aber


      Mona, they sell garden stakes that are designed to rid gardens of moles. Most seed catalogs carry them. I did make a lengthy post to you on the other page you posted about the gardens. I personally have never had a mole problem here before, so uncertain more than what I have already posted. I can tell you gardens in Illinois did not fare well last year with the weather. I generally start my planting late April or early May depending on the weather. A couple of years ago we had problems even getting gardens tilled because we had such a wet spring and some folks did not even bother to try. Those who did, got them in very late in the season.

      Blessings, Alice

    43. Alice Aber

      Marilyn,,, you are jack of all trades, that makes you head boss, LOL.

      Have you ever pulled a fifth wheel? I have seen some really nice ones.

      I know I am out of practice backing. Its been 10 a half years since I drove truck and about 7 or 8 since I pulled the airstream.

      We are going to need some slide outs with 4 adults and two dogs and who knows what else, LOL. Probably at least one computer. Oh boy, we will all be fighting for computer time, LOL. Hmmm, maybe a few lap tops would be better? Maybe a bunk room for the guys, we are ladies and should get the better beds, LOL.

      Alice is really tired and heading to bed. Good night folks!!

      Blessings, Alice

    44. Marilyn in New York

      Hi ALice,
      Me head boss, you don’t know what trouble I will get you all in. LOL

      I never pulled a Fifth wheel. It is suppose to be easier than pulling a regular trailer. Also less sway, easier to turn and park.

      It’s been about 10 years since I pulled the trailer. We’d needle a little practice before we took off. I guess it’s like riding a bicycle-it ocmes back to you. I hope. LOL

      Yes, us ladies get the better beds. LOL I have a computer, also. My computer is a laptop, so there is no problem. Erik will probably need a scanner, printer, copier, with a fax, too. I have one of those, too.

      Well I am heading for bed, too after the 11:00 news. God night to everyone.
      God Bless You all,

    45. Alice Aber

      Good morning Marilyn,

      OK, you are not head boss then, LOL. I’ll take that job, hahaha. Yes definitely a little practice but it shouldn’t be a problem. We’ll get it worked out. LOL

      Got a little of the white stuff coming down again but its not suppose to amount to much and the temps are a little better here this morning. Good thing because I have to go out later today and mail some bills and pick up a few things.

      Blessings, Alice

    46. Quaker name used to sell beer

      Just going back through some of the earlier comments yesterday. Some of you brought up the use of the Quaker image as a similar tactic, which has been going on a long time–Bridget I read the link about “Quaker beer” you sent and found it quite interesting.

      I thought I’d share an excerpt from the post by your Quaker friend:

      The aged-parchment styled cardboard six-pack has the name “William Penn” emblazoned across the front, and a portrait of the famous Friend above a banner that reads “Society of Friends.” On each bottle is a short paragraph describing the beer, and explaining that it is “a true American Champion of purity and character, to be enjoyed honestly and responsibly amongst Friends.” Underneath is a short motto that reads “An Individual’s Conscience is the Ultimate Authority.”

      I spoke to the store manager, and explained to him that I , in fact, actually was a Friend, a member of the Society of Friends, like William Penn, but that I was still alive and kicking today. I also explained that I was displeased to see the name of my church on a six pack of beer sold in his store. He was quite surprised to discover that the Society still existed, and that it wasn’t a social club or a drinking society, as the name “Friends” might imply.

      (read the full post at http://www.quakerinfo.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=1353&sid=5fe95e3aff7f6dbd3e6121dd2ab69023)

      Also found this interesting from Damon’s comment:

      Quakers have complained for decades about the appropriation of their sect’s reputation for honesty and purity by the Quaker Oats Company, which was never Quaker-run. But the courts have said you can’t make the name of your religion into a trademark for your exclusive use, commercial or otherwise.

    47. Marilyn in New York

      Good Moring Alice and Erik,

      There is a Friends Church a couple of town over from where I live. I have never been there, though. I can understand by their name being used on beer. Ugh !! I can also understand the Quakers being upset on Quaker Oats. These names should be the name of the churches and not stuck on to food and beer.

    48. Lucy

      “Oh, Lucy, you didn’t suggest I lie, I know!”

      I know Magda! No worries!

      I think it’s wrong for anyone Amish or otherwise to sell bought goods as their own, handgrown or made.Any Anabaptists who do so should be ashamed of themselves.

    49. Alice Aber


      I am going to be offline for a while today. Have bills to pay and errands to run. Will check in with you when I get back.

      Have a great day!!

      Blessings, Alice

    50. Mona

      Thanks Alice for your info…for some reason I did not see the other post ! I know they have all kinds of things in the garden catalog, but do they really work ? Thats’ why I posted on here thinking someone may have had that problem and could give me answers….Erik knows a lot of Amish, I was thinking he might know…..guess not, I did not hear from him….ok Erik what are you up to ????