Amish Crew Advertises On Craigslist

This morning I came across a pair of ads from an Amish builder named Junior Weaver on Craigslist. It’s always interesting to see the ways Amish companies, in this case construction outfits, promote themselves.

Some do so with full-fledged websites, like my friend John Smucker in Lancaster County. Others rely primarily on word-of-mouth. The approach a business owner selects will in part reflect his church’s orientation towards technology.

A Craigslist ad straddles two worlds – it’s a simple old-time classified-style ad, only on the internet. Junior Weaver writes that he has been in the business for 25 years. Here’s the full ad text, which is targeted to Pittsburgh and Youngstown:

Amish crew available now. We build barns, pole barns, sheds, decks , additions and more. We do framing, roofs. siding, and more. 25 years exp. The weather is changing if you need work done. call…. Call Jr. Weaver 330-727 1687. i added some before and after pics

Here are those before and after pics. Siding work:

In a second photo pair, we see a front porch installation project.

In a second similar ad, Junior shares a couple more photos.

The second ad’s content is mostly the same, but for a more direct reminder: “Winter is coming fast.” (update: Craigslist ads have been removed)

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