Casket shop in the Amish/Old Order Mennonite area near Nappanee, IN

Michigan Mary asks:

What are the standard burial rituals for the Amish? Who/what digs their graves? Takes care of their cemeteries?

We’ve hit on this topic on a couple of occasions, so I may just direct you to these previous posts: on the Amish funeral, and Amish cemetery.

As to who digs graves, that would be other Amish, by hand using shovels. Members of the community also share the burden of cemetery upkeep, such as cutting grass and keeping fences in repair.

Glen K also asks about embalming:

In most communities a mortician transports the body to the mortuary for embalming, returning it to the home a few hours later.  Very few if any cosmetic enhancements are done, even in the case of accidents.  Speaking of the body, an elderly bishop said, “How it is, is how we take it.” (The Amish Way, p. 173).

Amish cemeteries are often Amish-only, though they may be shared with Mennonites in some cases.

A few photos of Amish cemeteries:

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