Do you recall the 12 Amish children orphaned last year when their parents died in a highway accident in New York?  The  Hershberger children were officially adopted this past Monday by an uncle and aunt from Ohio.  From the story:

The judge asked each soon-to-be parent and the older children if they wanted to move forward with the adoption: Are you willing “to create a family that has been in place” for almost a year?

The parents and older children spoke with confidence: “yes.”

Younger children smiled and nodded affirmatively as Furfure called their names.

The children’s grandparents smiled as the ceremony moved quickly toward the official moment of adoption.

Judge Furfure told the new family “it’s wonderful that you are here” and compared the joyful hearing with sadder events where too many families are broken apart in the same courtroom.

After the hearing was completed, Furfure remained in the courtroom to offer congratulations and a handshake to the new parents and each child.

The family’s attorney, Brian C. Schu, noted that a home study was completed involving the children, new parents and other relatives. The actual adoptions involved 12 separate petitions to the court, he explained outside the courtroom.

The accident which took the parents’ lives was one of a number of similar incidents at the time, of intoxicated drivers killing Amish on the road.

It must have taken special courage, for both children and new parents, to accept this difficult blessing.


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