You may recall the story of Kentucky Amishman Samuel Girod, convicted by a federal jury in March:

The Kentucky Amish farmer made and sold several homemade products, some of which suggested bold curative properties, in a business running for over 20 years.

These include a “black salve” called “To-Mor-Gone” (with a sales pamphlet claiming it to be “very good at removing tumors”), and a “Chickweed Salve” which had the words “Cures Cancer” on the container.

The Amish farmer is scheduled to be sentenced June 30 for convictions on 13 separate charges (you can find a summary of the case in our original post here).

The most serious concerns threatening an individual to try to prevent him providing information to a grand jury. Girod potentially faces decades in prison.

Ahead of next week’s sentencing, a group of 50 Amish from Girod’s Bath County community appeared yesterday at the Kentucky state capitol.

They are represented by Rev. Alan Hoyle, who spoke in defense of Girod in the video below.

Hoyle describes the federal government as a “domestic enemy”, which “has come in…with machine guns, against the family members, against young children, who are terrorized, they’re having nightmares.”

According to Hoyle, “a large group of Amish” will be present at the June 30 sentencing.

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