Amish Appear At Kentucky State Capitol Ahead of Salve-Maker Sentencing

You may recall the story of Kentucky Amishman Samuel Girod, convicted by a federal jury in March:

The Kentucky Amish farmer made and sold several homemade products, some of which suggested bold curative properties, in a business running for over 20 years.

These include a “black salve” called “To-Mor-Gone” (with a sales pamphlet claiming it to be “very good at removing tumors”), and a “Chickweed Salve” which had the words “Cures Cancer” on the container.

The Amish farmer is scheduled to be sentenced June 30 for convictions on 13 separate charges (you can find a summary of the case in our original post here).

The most serious concerns threatening an individual to try to prevent him providing information to a grand jury. Girod potentially faces decades in prison.

Ahead of next week’s sentencing, a group of 50 Amish from Girod’s Bath County community appeared yesterday at the Kentucky state capitol.

They are represented by Rev. Alan Hoyle, who spoke in defense of Girod in the video below.

Hoyle describes the federal government as a “domestic enemy”, which “has come in…with machine guns, against the family members, against young children, who are terrorized, they’re having nightmares.”

According to Hoyle, “a large group of Amish” will be present at the June 30 sentencing.

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    1. James Schwartzentruber


      The man in the video, who you identify as being the Rev. Alan Hoyle and “the representative of a large group of Amish,” is not an Amish man. You can tell that by his dress, and by the fact that he wears a mustache, as well as by what he says; he claims he was in the Marine Corps. Amish people are not allowed to serve in the military, nor would we have a non-Amish man speaking for us in such matters. You’ve been had by a professional agitator, using this event to grandstand for his own causes.

      1. James, yes it’s true he’s not an Amish man 🙂 The words I used above were “They are represented by Rev. Alan Hoyle”. I did not say he was Amish.

        It’s possible to represent someone and not be a member of that group. For example, we could use the same formulation if this were a lawyer representing a separate group of people. And that was the meaning of my statement.

        Actually, when Amish get involved in public cases it’s not unheard of or even that uncommon that sympathetic outsiders will go before the media to vocalize the Amish side, especially if the Amish in question are more conservative/media-shy. In the linked Lexington Herald-Leader article, he is described as “the group’s spokesman.”

        There are about half a dozen things from the video that indicate that Hoyle is not an Amishman, much of which you’ve described. Though, he clearly has a strong interest in this case.

        1. Janis


          He never said he was Amish.

      2. Forest Hazel

        Yep. I doubt he represents the Amish community in any real sense. He strikes me as someone who will do more harm than good.

    2. why are they doing this to the Amish

      the Amish people, dont bother anyone and the people like dr oz .who sales everything from books to anything that they say will make you young again , without any problems, because of who they are its a scary thought when people hard working folks cant make a living but get put in jail for it… this is the last days of the world before Jesus Christ comes and take us home…

    3. elaine

      not telling the "whole truth" AKA "splitting hairs"

      Amish people are not dumb people.

      They know the difference between right and wrong.

      This man DID NOT TELL THE TRUTH. He knew he wasn’t telling the truth, he knew he was misrepresenting the truth, and he knew that eventually the truth was going to set him free from his lies.

      Justice, is a form of truthfulness.

      1. From what I’m hearing from the plain community, most seem to feel just like you do. He will have to serve his time, and he’ll have to change his ways. Many plain people are ashamed of this guy, and want nothing to do with this case.

        1. Mark -- Holmes Co.

          I agree with what you said, Terry!

        2. Trish


          What are you talking about..I’m not Amish..I stand by him and his family there on 30th..want to hear truth

          1. Janis


            I am sorry that this man of God is being treated this way. I hope they let him go to live the way he wants to live. No wonder they don’t trust the English.

    4. Watch out for this guy.

      This guy is not Amish. He has his own agenda. Be careful. He is not a spokesman for the plain people, and his approach might do more harm than good.

    5. Lorelei

      Machine guns?

      Who stormed the family with machine guns? The FDA is a government organization and if he refused them entry to inspect his premises, then did the FDA have the SWAT team come? Don’t get me wrong, I love the Amish people and their tenets but no one is above the law. In fact, they promise to uphold the laws of the land. He should have quite while he was ahead, rather than lead people down some primrose path that their tumors or cancer could be cured, and maybe even risk their making a dangerous decision to not seek professionals to treat them. That doesn’t sound very Christian to me.

      1. Trish

        They warrants

      2. Trish

        The Christian book tells you to avoid’s medicine..not our creators medicinal..everything bearing yes I see him as loving our adds poison to all..come on sodium phosphate in everything on store shelves.which is paint thinner on Lowe’s shelves.called TSP…gov’t can’t patent creator made..only synthetic poison.which btw is killing all..ask yourself why govt don’t take these shots and medicinal and never will

        1. Min. Terry Miller

          The “Christian book” you refer to is the Holy Bible, the Word of the Living God, Holy Scripture, accepted by all branches of the Anabaptist movement, including Old Order Amish. Because of “what is written” is why this guy does not represent the Amish Church or the Amish People. All of this episode is very non-Amish.

          1. Forest Hazel
    6. Amish girl -Rebecca

      Yes, I would say he needs to be punished. It sounds like another case of a man more in love with money than God. And, please, people, let’s realize that this man does in no way represent all Amish- in all communities. My guess is he got caught up in making money and did not think beyond that.Black salve and Chickweed salve both are very healing, but we should not make such untruthful, outrageous claims just to sell a product.

      1. Trish

        Not outrageous claims btw

    7. Michael

      This kind of “representation” will of course make no legal difference in the case, and will have negative impact on public opinion if the Amish associated with Girod actually embrace this dubious character as any kind of spokesman.

    8. Bailey

      Seriously? the government a terrorist? God help us!

      First of all, I agree this man is not Amish. Second, as an Anabaptist(no I am not Amish) I must say that the word of God is not quote “the Christian book”, it is the Holy Bible that Godgave to find salvation and live a righteous(not self righteous)and holy life. Third, I want to know when the government has been a “domestic enemy” and come in with machine guns and terrorized Amish families? I know the Amish don’t get involved with the government, but who agrees with the government 100% anyway? But that being said I don’t think the Amish believe that the Government is a terrorist. Does anyone else recall times with the Government has helped the Amish in more ways than one?

    9. By: david clarence.

      Samuel "Volunteered" to Be Regulated, Prosecuted & Imprisoned!

      U.S. Supreme Court Justices have Stated Many Times that “Everyone in Prison, Volunteered to be Prisoners”.

      The remedy is rather simple, but Few are Willing To “Come-Out-of-Her”!

      The Amish [and one-here has Dunkard heritage], like everyone else, are Tricked into Recording their children being “Born”, as a “Birth” [and every farmer should know that only animals give birth NOT Women!], and then “Assume” the “False” Identity printed upon the CERTIFICATE OF BIRTH. And then Conduct Ourselves as that FALSE Identity all of our lives.

      It is Said, Suffering is the Wages for SIN!

      STOP – Sinning!

      By: schroll, david clarence.