2023 Clinic For Special Children Auction Schedule

The Clinic for Special Children runs a number of auctions throughout the warmer months, to support its efforts in researching and fighting rare genetic illnesses. The Lancaster County-based clinic serves the local Amish and Mennonite population, as well as individuals from beyond the community. The annual series of auctions are a primary source of funding for the clinic, which is now in its fourth decade.

This 18-minute documentary by Lucy Wardley tells the story of the clinic:

Attend a Clinic for Special Children benefit auction

The 2023 calendar features seven benefit auctions across four states, running from June to October:

  • Union County Benefit Auction | Saturday, June 3
  • Lancaster County Benefit Auction | Saturday, June 17
  • Shippensburg Benefit Auction | Saturday, June 24
  • Shiloh, OH Benefit Auction | Saturday, July 8
  • Memphis, MO Benefit Auction | Saturday, August 19
  • Blair County Benefit Auction | Saturday, September 9
  • Finger Lakes, NY Benefit Auction | Saturday, October 7

You are welcome to attend these auctions. I recommend going if you have the chance. Here’s a brief account of my visit to the Lancaster County edition of this event from back in 2008.

One thing that struck me then was the level of support from the local Amish and Mennonite community, seen both in the large turnout and high bids on items up for sale. Even if you’re not an “auction person” when it comes to bidding, you can still attend, eat some tasty auction food, and make a donation if you like. You’ll find more information on the Clinic for Special Children auctions website.

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      covid shot

      I wonder how many if any Amish submitted to the covid shot. Have you seen this video from Hillsdale College? https://freedomlibrary.hillsdale.edu/programs/cca-iv-big-pharma/what-s-in-the-pfizer-documents