I did a video looking at ten unusual Amish communities. Across 600 different communities and dozens of affiliations, you can notice quite a number of differences in the ways Amish people live and manifest their faith.

So what makes these communities unusual or atypical? It could be something about how they worship, or get around, or other aspects of how they live. I drew on settlements in multiple countries for this list.

One common type of comment I come across is when someone comes to know the Amish in his or her community – and then assumes that what they’ve seen or experienced is the way Amish do things everywhere.

Another variation of this is when people claim one group of Amish are “the true Amish” or the “real Old Order”, for instance when comparing a plainer group to a more progressive one which allows more technology.

This video I hope illustrates the wide variety of ways of being Amish today.

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