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    Comment on Shaving (July 20th, 2011 at 12:58)


    Hi, my name is Sofia and I am deeply interested in the Amish culture. I was surprised when I read here in this article that some Amish women might wear very light make up (althought it was not common at all) and I was wondering if they could shave their legs and underarms. I mean, I know it might not be a common practice, but is it “allowed”?

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    Comment on "Makeup" and the Amish (November 19th, 2012 at 15:44)

    "Makeup" and the Amish

    I love the trio of books, “Lizzie Finds Love,” by Linda Byler ( she is an Amish author and I believe a scribe for The Budget, as well ). These books were originally published in smaller volumes, and in a more limited printing. But in one of these books, which are ( generally ) autobiographical, Linda mentions that as an adolescent, her mom bought her a bottle of acne-treating medicine that was tinted, almost matching her skin color and hiding the red of the acne. She even mentions it was almost like makeup. I do hope this detail is true, because if it is, I believe I used the same product when I was a teenager!

    Just a short follow-up to your question, not sure whether it helps or not, but I hope so!

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    Comment on Do Amish women wear makeup? (January 22nd, 2015 at 15:20)

    The Amish girls/women I knew as a kid in Kansas did not shave their legs or underarms, or use make-up. I remember thinking that was just awful–I was a trying to talk my mom into letting me start doing all of those things, and they were hurting my argument! Lol!

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