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    Amish Auctions – November 2014 Any “traveling” sales? As usual, I can’t make any of these (but will appreciate any comments/photos from those who do attend), but I am curious to know whether anyone has ever heard of any “traveling” Amish sales? (Meaning traveling more than just a …

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    Shooter of Amish Horse Gets 1-2 Years Animal-related crimes here are getting more attention, and harsher punishment than many other places I’ve heard of. Still, a horse to the Amish is more than a mere vehicle to the English. It is a sentient being, and one that, …

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    Serving the Amish: Your Questions Referrals? Do professionals (of any kind) tend to seek out Amish “clients” (whether they’re nearby or not–I’m thinking Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic as a couple of examples), or do the Amish themselves seek out professionals (via a sort of–for a better …

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    Amish Firemen in New York What a timely topic during Fire Prevention month (and 143 years since the Great Chicago Fire).

    As for the Amish rolling out a hose so quickly, it just speaks of the teamwork that Amish are known for—the entire community pitching in …

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    Highest Amish Population States I always appreciate updates about the Amish population. I was surprised Arthur, IL is still (though barely)in the top 10 largest Amish population states. I sure hope they increase a bit more—I’d hate to see them disappear after so many …

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