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  • Mira and Ron Schultz
    Comment on Amish Furniture – Arizona (September 2nd, 2012 at 22:40)

    long lasting furniture

    While vacationing my Uncle Don my husband Ron was fortunate enough to visit an Famish family and the men working. He came home excitedly telling us stories of the machines used and of course the skills of the men and boys. How everyone had jobs of each importance. The men were just that. Men. The women balanced them. And with each piece of work, you could see another passing generation talent. Now that we will be in need of living room furniture, we couldn’t help remember our vacation and my husbands experience with my Uncles friends. It’s time to get quality furniture. Having fun picking it out is an added bonus.

    Amish Furniture – Arizona

  • Kathy Miller
    Comment on Amish Furniture – Arizona (February 24th, 2013 at 21:29)

    looking for a hall tree

    My daughter lives in Yuma AZ and would love to have a hall tree made from the Amish. Would you be able to give prices and would you be able to ship to yuma?
    Thank You,

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