Yoder’s In Pinecraft Makes 8,000 Thanksgiving Pies

Yoder’s is a well-known Amish-style restaurant in the Pinecraft Amish community of Sarasota, Florida.

I had a chance to sample several of their fine pies in a visit several years back (peanut butter chocolate, coconut, and the key lime). You can see that and many other photos of the Pinecraft community here.

Yoder’s pies are yummy – guests from far away spots like Atlanta and Michigan share their appreciation (and it seems some really do come so far just to collect their pies – wow).

Demand for the pies is rising – the restaurant made an estimated 8,000 this year, a thousand more than in 2016. Yesterday – “Thanksgiving Eve” – was pie pickup day.

Wherever you may be, I hope your table today is full of good things as tasty as these delicious pies. Happy Thanksgiving!

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    1. Harriet


      This is a place I have always wanted to visit. Thank-you for the video and thanks for Amish America. Happy Thanksgiving!

      1. Liz D

        Yoder's is wonderful!

        I grew up in Sarasota and have eaten here many times over the years with my family and friends; some of the best pies ever.
        Made with fresh good ingredients and TLC. Save the diet for another day, these pies are something special.

    2. Heidi

      Happy Thanksgiving!

      Not to be too picky………the girls working at Yoder’s are not Amish? They allowed their picture & they’re dressed in T-Shirts. Just wondering………:):):)

      1. They might be Amish, just dressed in non-Amish clothing (not uncommon for Rumspringa-age Amish adolescents). Then again, they might not. The permanent Amish part of this community is not large, though the population grows quite a bit in the colder months with visitors (commonly Amish vacationers – families and retirees). Pinecraft also attracts some Amish youth.

    3. Ken Tibbetts

      Speaking of Pies

      When my Amish friend Ida makes her baked goods to sell at the camping facilities her pies are the second things to run out of; the first being her doughnuts. She sets up about 7:30 and before she’s finished setting up there’s a line about two dozen people long, champing at the bit waiting for her to open. The English campers usually buy a dozen or so doughnuts for their breakfast and pick up the pies of their choice and other goodies at the same time. Ida and some of her daughters work all through the night making the doughnuts and pies so they’ll all be fresh for the campers. The breads and cookies are usually made the day before.

      My good Amish (like a daughter to me) friend, Rosetta, makes an apple pie that is to die for; she makes and cans an apple filling that She’s kind enough to give me and I make apple pies for our dessert and special occasions…but they’re never as good as the one’s Rosetta makes – because nobody makes pie crust as good as Rosetta’s. She also makes strawberry/rhubarb, rhubarb/ custard, and a half dozen other delicious pies. I can’t wait to get back up to Markesan to sink my teeth into one of Rosetta’s pies.

      1. I really hate waiting in long lines. But I would consider standing in Ida’s doughnut line 🙂

    4. L.David Carlo

      OHIO pies and more

      Hi there…just sharing a bit of information…there is a guy in Ohio located in Charm,Kidron area who makes really great pies …so for us non Floridian cold weather northerners this is pie heaven…also…try the Amish door restaurant again located nearby …it’s a restaurant, motel extraordinaire complex…surprised that no one has posted any info about these places !!…anyway happy holidays..

      1. marie b

        pie pie, oh my

        sounds like a place I would like to visit. Wish I knew where he was. But aren’t Charm and Kidron, in 2 different areas of Holmes county? I stop at an Amish farm, just down from the nature centre on Alabama road, near mt. Eaton, They have the best peach, rhubarb and apple pies and fry pies, around. I also, purchase my pepper jelly and chocolates from this Amish family. I was just there a couple of weeks and ago and I’m going back in 2 weeks, to do more holiday shopping, and pick up some more lovely treats, to give as Christmas gifts. Thanks, Marie from Canada

        1. northern pie heaven

          I can only suggest that because I use to live in the Kidron Ohio area locations were always given as turn left by the big tree and go past the big white chicken barn then turn left past Yoder’s driveway etc….However if you can locate the Ashery store in Fredricksburg …their Ph Number is 330-359-5615 probably they can give better directions…The Ashery Store is across the street from Joseph the blacksmith….everyone knows where Joseph The Blacksmith’s shop is…see what I mean about locations and directions …happy face here… also…..please check with Lehman’s Hardware store in Kidron…for sure everyone knows this location…if you are dropping down from Canada maybe you could pick us up ( we are in the Lansing Michigan area )and we can make a few days of it as I would like to pick up some items from the Ashery Store…spices there are just so inexpensive !!!…take care…happy holidays

    5. Debbie H


      I believe they also have a pie contest in the Spring in Pinecraft. I would love to be a judge in that. 😉 Someday I hope to make it over to Pinecraft and Yoders. Yoders isn’t owned by Amish, is it?

      1. I don’t think so with this one Debbie, there are exceptions but usually the Amish-style restaurants aren’t actually owned by Amish people (though often have Amish employees).

    6. Alice Mary


      I do believe I have gained 10 pounds just by reading all these descriptions of pies + doughnuts and such! I want to sample EVERY one & visit EVERY Amish bakery mentioned!

      Alice Mary