Yoder’s is a well-known Amish-style restaurant in the Pinecraft Amish community of Sarasota, Florida.

I had a chance to sample several of their fine pies in a visit several years back (peanut butter chocolate, coconut, and the key lime). You can see that and many other photos of the Pinecraft community here.

Yoder’s pies are yummy – in the video below, guests from far away spots like Atlanta and Michigan share their appreciation (and it seems some really do come so far just to collect their pies – wow).

Demand for the pies is rising – the restaurant made an estimated 8,000 this year, a thousand more than in 2016. Yesterday – “Thanksgiving Eve” – was pie pickup day.

Wherever you may be, I hope your table today is full of good things as tasty as these delicious pies. Happy Thanksgiving!

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