Ben: Why Don’t Amish Fly (Or Use Bikes)? Plus: Amish in Florida

In this video Ben answers two viewer/reader questions – on why Amish don’t fly in planes, and on Amish in Florida.

We also touch on why Amish in his community (Lancaster County) mostly use only scooters – but not bicycles. This puzzles people especially since Amish in Lancaster County generally are among the most progressive when it comes to technology.

While Amish in other major settlements like northern Indiana and Holmes County, Ohio use bicycles (and even e-bikes), Lancaster County Amish largely do not.

The questions about planes and bicycles have similar answers, having to do with past decisions, and inertia. But as with many things, these strictures are being quietly challenged by some.

Ben also gives some general views on the Amish in Pinecraft, and shares two jokes on the community.

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    1. Correction

      All one must do is visit Bonduel, Wisconsin to see that the Amish kids do indeed ride bikes! I say this only because I’ve seen it with my own eyes. Evidently their Bishop is very liberal.

      1. Erik Wesner

        Ken, many Amish ride bikes, in different communities. Ben was talking about the situation in his community of Lancaster County, PA, as he typically does. I even made this point in the post, so there wouldn’t be confusion.

        So…let’s pump the brakes on the “corrections” 🙂

      2. Connie

        I was at an Amish store over Memorial Day week end and noticed they started selling scooters. The store is located in Middletown, Missouri. Selling price was $329.00.