Beth asked yesterday about recommendations for visitors to Lancaster County.

I mentioned two of my favorite towns, Strasburg and Churchtown.  Strasburg is a bit more on the beaten path, Churchtown a bit more off.

Strasburg in particular has a lot of beautiful historic stone and brick homes from the 1700s and 1800s (I lived here for a summer so got to know it fairly well).  A walk down Strasburg’s (albeit often busy) main street is a remarkable experience.  We don’t have homes like this in NC where I grew up.

lancaster county favoritesRick helped with a few ideas, suggesting among others Fisher’s Variety store in Georgetown, and a nearby restaurant.  He also recommended keeping an eye out for Amish yard sales.  Richard promoted the beautiful natural side of the County.

With summer having just arrived and some folks no doubt heading to Lancaster, I thought it would be a good question to ask.  What are your favorite places to visit, or things to do in Lancaster County?

Photo credit: Todd Gehman

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