Indiana is home to America’s third-largest Amish population.

Indiana Amish facts:

  • Indiana has the most settlements founded in the 1800s (6), and the most communities over 10 church districts in size (5).
  • Indiana has the largest Swiss Amish population.
  • You’ll find Lancaster gray-topped buggies in two settlements in the state.  Lancaster Amish first came in the 1990s.
  • Amish in northern Indiana are heavily employed in the local RV industry, though there is a significant business presence in the region, as well as statewide. Indiana Amish businesses include woodworking shops, construction firms, and dry goods and other specialty shops (read more on Indiana Amish furniture).

amish biker indiana

Find more on Indiana Amish in today’s new State Guide entry.  I much enjoyed putting this entry together, and one reason is the photos I found illustrating the diverse communities in this state.


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