I got back from Pennsylvania over the weekend and have been trying to get caught up here.  Maybe I am getting old but I always feel like I need to sleep for 2 days after these trips!

Apologies to anyone who came looking for Friday’s post, which didn’t make it up in the hurry. We’ll have some more from last week coming up. I also had a chance to preview the PBS American Experience Amish special which I’ll share a little bit on tomorrow.

For now I hope you enjoy a few photos taken in Lancaster last week:

Amish Tricycle

Windy Amish Laundry Line

PA Amish Farmhouses

Amish Church Gathering

Lancaster Farmlands

Amish Wash Line Lancaster

Blue Lancaster Amish SchoolBy the way I’ve enjoyed all the comments on the Amish Scooter post from last week.  So here’s a series of some English guy scootering.  I liked this model of scooter for its bicycle-style wheels (smoother ride).  Amazing how much fun you can have on a little stretch of gravel drive:


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