Inside The Walker Valley Market (24 Photos)

The Walker Valley Market in the Pearisburg, VA community is one of the nicest Amish food-and-more stores I’ve visited. I was here once before, about a year ago, but only shared quick photos of the front of the store and a couple of food items. A reader named Shawn also visited this place which featured in a 2016 post. I had a chance to make a proper visit again in December, just before Christmas, to give you a closer look at what you’ll find, should you make the trip to this beautiful Appalachian valley.

The market is very spacious, and friendly. All the usual fare is here – bulk foods, canned goods, baked goods, and some variety store items.



They have some of the best sandwiches. Compared to the ones at another Amish store I’d had a week or two earlier, these are head and shoulders above. Those were not bad, but these have better bread and are packed with meat and fillings.

You fill out your order by checking off the items you want, which is the way it’s usually done in Amish stores.

Closer view of the menu. Looks like my brother is going for a Reuben with Thousand Island dressing and ketchup. Not exactly what I would choose, bro, but then again our tastes haven’t always aligned.

A friendly reminder, which is more relevant at busier times. We were the only ones ordering as it was the end of the day, so numbers weren’t needed.

If there is one thing this store could be known for, it is maple syrup. I haven’t seen such a selection before.

Going by the names and places, many if not all appear to come from Amish producers.

Having sampled all of these, I can tell you the tastes definitely vary. Not drastically, but there are subtle differences in sweetness. Some have more of a caramel-like flavor.

This is the locally-produced stuff in the decorative containers.

I like the turpentine-style can. I assume the flavor is a lot better than turpentine.

These are the jumbo sizes for the true syrup guzzlers out there. Half gallons and full gallons.

Now let’s check out the hats. If a store has plain hats, it’s a good sign the local Amish community shops there too.

Everyday hats.

Something for more formal occasions. Big price difference.

The place also has a sizable furniture selection in the back.

Funny story: I have been trying to meet the bishop on my visits to this community, and seem to keep just missing him. Last time I went by his home way up on the mountainside, and spoke with one of his sons to find he was just out.

Little did I know but I came face to face with him in the store – both this time, and the last. Not realizing who he was, this time I think we even exchanged brief pleasantries in passing. Later the checkout girl informed me of the man’s identity. I think third try will be the charm.

One other thing. I mentioned before that there is a large prison in the valley. It’s an especially beautiful, and frankly surprising, location for a place of incarceration. Apparently the inmates do farm work. Many of the prison workers are customers of the market. The checkout girl told me they recently had a prison employee customer appreciation day, with special deals for the workers.

We were the last customers in the place.

Looking back on leaving the valley as night falls.

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    1. KimH

      I always enjoy taking pictures of Amish stores. There us a lot more room in this store than I’ve seen in others.
      I’m glad you shared these pictures. I’m always happy to live vicariously thru you & your readers

      1. We haven’t had as many ‘Amish visit” posts lately, but I’m glad you enjoy them. I enjoy putting them together because I know people like the little vicarious trip, but I also enjoy re-living the visit myself by doing these. And hopefully the post makes a few more people aware of the place. Win-win-win:)

    2. Al in Ky

      In the March 17th issue of The Budget newspaper, the scribe from Pearisburg reported, “The Walker Valley Market topped the number of sandwiches made in a day on Sat. March 6 at 366. It seems in these times of uncertainty, places like Country Markets or stores draw people in. ‘Lord, help us that they would see and feel more than the wholesome products that are offered!'”.

      1. 366

        Not bad! The Shiloh General Store in Union Grove, NC has also been doing well this whole period. I hadn’t thought of it that way but there might be something to what you say.

        1. Al in Ky

          Just to add a little more comment, Erik –I’m pretty sure that the Budget scribe who wrote the three lines I mentioned is also the bishop you hope to meet some day. His letters in The Budget are always very interesting, sometimes inspirational and worth pondering, and often mention something about the store. I was in the former store in Pearisburg (Nature Way) several years ago, and would like to some day visit Walker Valley Market, have a sandwich, and hopefully also meet the bishop. It’s amazing that a country store in a fairly remote area sold 366 sandwiches in just one day.

          1. Pat Thompson

            Parking lot always full

            I have never been there when you don’t have to find a place to park. This community supports the place. A few weeks ago, people were coming just to eat. One Amish community helps another in this case, also.

            1. Pat I must have “good” timing as the place has been pretty much empty when I’ve been there – but that’s been within 20 minutes of closing time on both occasions. I don’t doubt the lot can fill up though.

          2. Neat, Al. Missed your comment earlier. The bishop’s name has been mentioned here before – it is Sam Chupp.

            Btw I just found this article on the opening of the market in 2016 following the closing of Nature Way.


            One of the partners has the last name of Chupp so I wouldn’t be surprised if that was a relative of the bishop.

    3. Pat Thompson

      You are close to home for me

      I absolutely love this place!!! My daughter transports one of the workers. She stays there during the week, then comes back to Burkes Garden on the weekend. All of these people are wonderful to be around. Wonderful place!!!! He does not mention the wonderful doughnuts you can get here….or the fried pies and whoopie pies…..and bread. I love this place. I think the furniture is wonderfully priced. The one that comes to Burkes Garden told me about making maple syrup. I had visited a place that tapped the trees in Burkes Garden. Her family also taps trees. They have wonderful doughnuts…plain and maple. They sell out, so they recently increased what they make. My friend said they are thinking about trying filled doughnuts. They have wonderful, fresh produce, too.

      1. That’s really neat – I may have talked to the worker she transports, and then later met her siblings when I was in Burke’s Garden last month (if it’s the same person).

        I’ll be sure not to miss those doughnuts next time!

    4. J.O.B.

      “Sorry! We’re open.”
      And if using a turpentine style can is done to get customers attention, it worked. I’d try that maple syrup just for the can.

      1. I regret I didn’t get the turpentine syrup. You’re right the can is great. The funny sign reflects the friendly atmosphere inside, at least from what I have observed on my pair of visits here.

    5. How do I start a post about something else?

      While watching the new TV series Return To Amish, I noticed an oops… Rosanna was seen playing in the water of the Gulf of Mexico. She was soaked to the skin in her dress, then she was dry as if her dip had never happened.
      The Gulf of Mexico is NOT an ocean but I hear it referred to it as such. Why?

      1. I wouldn’t be surprised if there are errors like the ones you note. The series doesn’t have a great rep as far as its portrayals of the Amish.

      2. KimH

        The Gulf of Mexico is an ocean basin and a marginal sea of the Atlantic Ocean..
        I was born & raised on the Gulf of Mexico and while natives to that area call it The Gulf you hear travelers refer to it as “The Ocean.”
        They just dont understand the significance of what a gulf or ocean is.

    6. Eva Ruby de Leon

      Outdoor furniture

      Do you sell picnic tables and do you deliver to Reedville, VA? Thanks.

    7. Allen adams


      Cheese n more store in gap mills wv is a good place to