Visiting the Kalona Produce Auction (12 Photos)

Jim Halverson recently visited the Kalona, Iowa Amish community. We’ll have some photo sets from this visit to Iowa’s largest Amish community.

Here’s the first one, from the local produce auction.

Jim first visited the Kalona Creamery where he talked to an Amish girl working there:

The girl at the Creamery directed us to a nearby produce auction. They were auctioning off palettes of great looking fruits and vegetables and the place smelled fantastic. It appeared that most of the buyers were English and the sellers were Amish.

Some nice simple and beautiful shots illustrating a day at the auction.

It looks like a number of these were taken prior to its start.

I like how blue and crisp the sky appears in these shots.

Looks like some onions here.

Simple folding chair makes a nice seat on the wagon.

Growers and buyers list. Notice the surnames, noting Jim’s comment above.

Flowers as well.

Horse waits patiently.

Heading home?

Thanks to Jim for sharing these shots. For more on Kalona you can check out Don Burke’s winter photo set or Lee Annette’s visit to the town and community. We’ll also have more photos from Jim including from inside some local Amish businesses.

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    1. Just wondering:

      I am looking for a piece of land (3-5 acres)

      Need a place to live. I am right now in an apartment here in SW Iowa.

      I like to have an Amish dress. Where can I get one?

      I also would like to get some horses and a buggy someday.

      Will someone help me please?


    2. Kalona Produce Auction

      First of all, thanks for the wonderful photos, Jim! Next, did anyone else notice the mud guards on the spring buggy, & the tan color of the Amish woman’s outer bonnet?
      Also, when I was looking at the names of the growers, I couldn’t help but notice the name Aquila Brenneman. Does anyone know the origin of the name? It sounds Spanish & female to me, but given that all the other names are male, I’m assuming it’s also a man’s name. Eric, thanks for such a wonderful website.

      1. Aquila

        1 Corinthians 16:9 mentions Aquila and his wife Pricilla-not a name that you would hear too often, but yes, a man’s name

        1. Correction

          It’s 1 Corinthians 16:19