Hershbergers Baked Goods

Gallia County, Ohio

Usually right around this time each year, I notice at uptick in visits to the Amish State Guide. I attribute it to people looking for info on Amish communities with the coming of spring and summer.

Are you visiting an Amish community this year?  Or have you already?  Here’s a list of Amish settlements I plan to, or already have visited, in 2013 (plus a poll question):

  • Dauphin County, PA
  • Lebanon County, PA
  • Lancaster County, PA
  • Mifflin County, PA
  • Holmes County, OH
  • Belle Center, OH
  • DeGraff, OH
  • Gallia County, OH
  • Union Grove, NC
  • Pearisburg, VA
  • Adams County, IN
  • Allen County, IN
  • Elkhart/Lagrange Counties, IN
  • Nappanee, IN
  • ???

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